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  • I lol'd when I saw this among all the brony comments on my profile. :xd: And yeah, I like Iron & Wine. Particularly the stuff I've heard from The Shepherd's Dog, but I haven't really listened to the other albums too extensively. I take it you like them too? Kinda surprising to see another Iron & Wine fan. You seem to feel the same. :lol:
    If you would like to know how to continue a chat, hit the view conversation button next to that person's name. Enjoy the Dungeon!
    Welcome to ZD! If you have any questions about the dungeons, ask me or the other Dungeoneers. Here's a few questions for you:
    1- What is your favorite Zelda Title?
    2- What is your favorite mask is MM?
    3- Have you played Skyward Sword yet?
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