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  • Dangit, Cody has to defend the Intercontinental Championship from Show at Wrestlemania. :(
    I liked 358/2 Days because it involved Organization XIII……I’m ecstatic about the game being made for 3DS ^::^
    Alright, but I think we disagree on a ton of Zelda stuff, although I do agree with you that AoL is overlooked and is truly amazing (I like it better than MM, TLoZ, and ALttP.). But the thing that you'll kill me for is the fact that I consider Ocarina of Time the greatest video game ever.
    I’ve only played 358/2 days…..and I am planning on buying Kingdom Hearts 3D’s. Funny thing is…..I began my Tron story in 2010, and had planned on making a Kingdom Hearts related chapter ever since…..and there’s gonna be a Tron level in the game……it’s clearly a coincidence, but I think it’s a pretty cool one ^::^
    Eh, I only ever played one for the Wii….the Crystal Chronicles I believe. Regardless, I have nothing against the series…..and consider Cloud Strife and Sephiroth to be pretty Rezzical Characters :right:
    T-Pain feat. Ne-Yo "Turn All the Lights On"
    Lyric Video.

    Can we stop with the video swapping now though.....chances are it would eventually cause my page to slow right down....and I'm not interested in such a thing.
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