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    Hey David. Just want to tell you thanks a whole lot for talking to me about Mormonism that one day. I may not be converting to it, but it definitely has changed my aspect of life. Good luck in South America, bro. You're gonna do great
    As I thought, thanks... Well, here's hoping Namco decides to make some Tales games on the Wii U. I think it's possible, since Yo****o Higuchi (the director of Symphonia and Abyss) will be apart of the Namco team developing Super Smash Bros. Hopefully he'll learn to love the console and say, "Hey, let's make a Tales game for this!" lol.
    I've only played 3 as well: Abyss, Symphonia, and Vesperia. Vesperia is a really great game - tied as my favorite with Symphonia 1. I don't have a PS3 so Graces is out of the question... But I do have a question for you. Is Dawn of the New World worth buying? I loved Symphonia, and I'd like to continue Lloyd's story, but I know you play as Emil. And I know Emil is sometimes considered annoying by fans. And I know, rather than party members, you recruit monsters... So I'm not sure if I should get it or just skip it. Any advice?
    Hey David, I was just rummaging through your old signature thread because I was looking for my Greed one, and I saw something awesome! It was a Luke fon Fabre signature and a Lloyd Irving signature. I didn't know you were a "Tales of" fan! Are you still into those games or have you fallen out of them? Just curious, as I am a huge Tales fan myself. :P
    'Hoy David! When are you going to start the third day in Mafia? :? It's been over two weeks now since the night began, so I've become rather curious whether the game is dead or not...
    So I think you have noticed that I have been trying to get the community Competitions to come alive again. But I was wondering if you could make a quick description of what you did as the music competition leader as a guideline for anyone else who wants to take it over?
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