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    This profile... It's dark linkalicious.
    Happy 4th of july!
    Well, I just followed my one friend Atsuma back.....as for her, she doesn't come here as often nowadays, but I keep in contact with her through other methods.
    Bad and untrue things were said about my one friend here, and I wasn’t amused by this, she was hurt and I nearly snapped……but instead just left, and that was it.
    I left because some things happened here that greatly upset me, and I would’ve likely gone Digital God of Destruction on the people responsible……heheh, yeah.
    Ouch. That's tough, man. I managed to pull it off, but only after a whole lot of failures. I am now officially scared of facing the Horde Battle in the Lightning Round.
    So youve made it that far, eh? Be sure to keep watching; things get A LOT more interesting from there on out.
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