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    Generally Procrastination isn't a good thing. It always gets me into trouble and more work later. HOWEVER sometimes it does provide me with time to mull over projects and plan it out. I procrastinate a lot but generally it's becasue I lead a busy life and don't have time to sit down and do it...
  2. Dark_Kokiri

    Take The Cookie!

    Now, this is funny, because while you were getting the link to the Rick Roll, I went to your desk and got the cookie! IT'S ALL MINE! >D
  3. Dark_Kokiri

    Your *facepalm* Moments

    Oh man, I remember once on another Zelda forum, one of the newbies was asking what that meant and one of the older members wanted to mess with them. So her answer was "F the Whales" Best part was the newbie believed her xDD Anyhow, anytime I facepalm is usually because of my sister. She does...
  4. Dark_Kokiri

    The OFFICIAL "What Did You Eat for Breakfast?" Thread

    UM.... UM I dont remember. xD OH YAH I had peanut butter on a toasted English muffin. :'D Good stuff~
  5. Dark_Kokiri

    You Know You're Addicted to Zelda When...

    You know you're addicted to Zelda when you insist upon buying just about everything Zelda related when you see it in the store. Happens a lot with me. :B I have like 5 shirts. xD
  6. Dark_Kokiri

    Things To Do When You're Sick!

    I haven't been sick to the point where I needed to stay home since like 3rd grade, but when I do end up staying home for not feeling well (ie. stomach aches D: ) I do this 1. Videogames 2. Draw draw draw 3. Sometimes music 4. SPONGEBOB That's about it. xD OH and I talk to my lizards ...
  7. Dark_Kokiri

    Shiny Pokemon

    I have a ton of shinies, but I've only seen one in the wild. I have like two boxes filled with shinies. xD For the record, every single one is hacked :'D I live to hack Pokemon games~
  8. Dark_Kokiri

    Zelda's Lullaby in SS Trailer Reversed

    This was so cool! My boyfriend showed this to me a few days ago and we were both like... "... WOAH O_o" It's awesome! : D
  9. Dark_Kokiri

    Video Games Being More "active"... <_<

    When you're hanging with friends it can be a whole lot of fun. But just sitting around and stuff, I wouldn't want to do it. I think so long as there's a balance between the active games and the sitting on your butt games it'll be all good. That's the thing I'm not looking forward too much in SS...
  10. Dark_Kokiri

    Should a Difficulty Setting Be Added to Future Games?

    I've always wanted to have a difficulty level on Zelda, at least have the enemies give more damage to you. I was expecting a bit more difficulty in TP rather than in WW but still~ It would be nicer if the games were a bit harder. I'd play it on the hardest mode all the time. >D
  11. Dark_Kokiri

    How Did You Meet Link?

    Super Smash Bros Melee! I was a huge Sega fan for a long time, so all things Nintendo were my enemy because of the whole Sonic/Mario rivalry. My cousin had a Gamecube and he made us play Melee, so I started out as Kirby, then Pickachu, and then eventually I took interest in Young Link. After a...
  12. Dark_Kokiri

    Where Do You Live?

    I live.... Under your bed. Feeding you nightmares. Just you try and find me, but that'll be impossible. I'm invisible to the human and Hylian eye. You better watch your back~ Now, when I'm NOT doing all of those things, I like to hang out in California. It's pretty nice :'D
  13. Dark_Kokiri

    General Classic Most Difficult Temple (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)

    Majora's Mask Stone Temple. Still can't get past that thing without a walkthough *fails* And in OoT, the Water Temple! Just the whole different levels thing got to me, I couldn't figure it out for a loooong time. I don't understand why you guys think the Spirit Temple is so hard, though, it...
  14. Dark_Kokiri

    General Modern Best Graphics/Style Of Zelda Game?

    It depends! I think the graphics speak for the kind of game it is. I wouldn't want a realistic Wind Waker, and I wouldn't want a cartoony Twilight Princess. (that's what we get with Skyward Sword, though, I realize this. xD) WW we have this cute cartoony style that gives the vibe that it isn't...
  15. Dark_Kokiri

    Zelda Manga

    I love the Zelda manga. I am slowly reading them, I go on another website to download the fan translations... I'm yet to get the English versions. I'd like to own them, but it's not on my priority list. Actually, my 2 cousins, my sister, and I match up perfectly with how they have they have...
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