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  • Wow, your avatar and signature are both quite amazing... BAM! 1 new friend request :D
    Lol, thanks =D I think that was my last GIMP banner. Brings a tear to my eye whenever I see it *sniffle*

    Tim <3's ZD ;)
    Oh, i didn't knew you came from Loz.
    Lol i noticed it now. But how did blackice knew that?

    But then again, I see Chise and Hanyou in your friends list. All thats missing is Mercedes.
    HI. :D I'm sending you a profile message like I promised.

    We aren't friends here yet? D< I'll go fix that right now bwahaha~
    Lol, "rivalry"? That might be a little harsh :xd:. But yeah, the forums here are a bit smaller than LoZ's, but they're still growing rapidly. Oh, and nice avatar by the way =D. Interesting signature too :xd:
    Oh, another LoZer here at ZD! Welcome, Dark_Kokiri, to the Zelda Dungeon Forums. Have a good time, and remember that the rules are a little more strict here.
    Hey! 100 characters isn't too much...you'll be surprised how easy it is to post that much XD

    Glad to see you here. :P
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