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Dark Hero
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  • I like your profile picture. Its really cool. I even have a book with shadow Link, and he does that pose at part of it.
    Eh, I’ll hopefully manage, since it seems that’s the best option I have really—I’m online all the time because I have nothing better to do. Hmmm, people who have no lives act like fools online though. Unlike these people I have a life.....it’s just not a very exciting one most of the time.
    Hmmm, yeah—but actually I may jut twork with my step-dad, he does insulating. Of course, I’d have to get up at like 5:00 AM and work really hard so.....eh, maybe.
    Meteorologist would be a career—I’m just gonna get a job somewhere like Wal-Mart or something, no clue really >::>
    First off, you posted that on your won profile—heh, oops. Anyways, I’ve been alright I guess….could be better, could be worse, so yeah. Graduated from high school, gonna need to find a job now, so excited…..not really. Also, last time we spoke was back in March or something—so, yeah, been awhile.
    They indeed do have good cheese... In fact, my father made my burger with cheese that he got from Wisconsin... So, I must ask. How have you been? It feels like such a long time since we have talked!
    Wisconsin, my one friend was a truck driver, and he would always bring us back some cheese form that place—they make good cheese. Anyways, it’s fine, no harm done…..good to hear you’ve been doing alright. Hmmm, I should probably eat something myself actually >::>
    Heh, nice to see you again as well, my friend ^::^ I’ve been alright, how about you? It’s alright—people forget things all the time, even passwords >::>
    Hey Dark Hero! what's up? My PM box has been kinda empty lately. whenever you're going to see this, just remember to PM me, Ok? :)
    it almost sounds as though they've made it a bit too modern, one of the things i found interesting about the original series was the whole feudal Asia influence. maybe now Korra is being aired, it will get Shayamalamadingdong to get more into doing the next film...and do it properly! someone I spoke to recently said they'd like Michael Bay to have a go at doing the film...there would be a lot of explosions!
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