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    Death Sword & Stallord Theories

    TP was just a whole bunch of Zelda games put together. The four poes were obviously a way to bring back the Poe sisters from the Forest Temple in Oot. Arbiter's Grounds somewhat resembled the Spirit Temple or Gerudo Fortress from OoT. The reason the stalltroops had weapons was because they were...
  2. Danigo92498

    Do You Read The WHOLE Thread?

    I read the whole thread as well as some well-known posters posts for their views on a topic(if I want to). I then think about it and answer the thread if my opinion is needed to make a point or just to be an opinion like this thread, if my opinion isn't needed I won't post. -- The last part...
  3. Danigo92498

    Dubs Vs Subs

    I have no problem with either Subbed or Dubbed animes. The think I don't like it when the voice actors(english) are bad like in Bleach, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z. It just throws me off...
  4. Danigo92498

    Who's Your Celebrity Crush?

    Hayden Panettiere, I don't know why I just think she's cute...
  5. Danigo92498

    Ocarina of Time - Can You Complete the Spirit Temple Before the Shadow Temple?

    I knew about the Spirit Temple-Shadow Temple thing but I never knew about the rest of them being done in another order... that'll be something to try when I play OoT again.
  6. Danigo92498

    What's the Point of Clothes?

    We wear clothes because it is part of what makes us who we are in this time and for scientific reasons in the posts above. We are people who follow rules, somewhat(not every does/can) support our selves, and dress and act decently. No offense to nudists. I don't care if you wear clothes or not...
  7. Danigo92498

    How Do You Friend?

    I don't send requests because I feel by sending one I'd be bothering them, like I wouldn't start talking to someone if they were listening to music would I? It's like, if they want to be my friend, they'd send me a request. I usually accept all requests(unless it's a spammer or something)...
  8. Danigo92498

    Which "Lord of the Rings" Film is Your Favorite?

    Same here, "What say you?" next poster of this thread.
  9. Danigo92498

    Spoiler Reviving the Ancient Robots

    I felt bad that I couldn't save them all but it's a game...
  10. Danigo92498

    Link As a Girl?

    That would be a good idea but it reminds me of Pokemon...
  11. Danigo92498

    Most Intimidating Character in SS?

    Silent... Realm... Guardians... what a pain they were! Moblins bug me when they continue to block you for like 10 slashes.
  12. Danigo92498

    Zelda Isn't a Kid Game and Here's Why....

    I think it was intended for all ages being E for everyone besides some parts in OoT, MM, and TP
  13. Danigo92498

    Interesting Picture I Found

    I haven't played A Link to the Past but I think they wanted to do more with that piece of artwork for the game and used it as a reference for Skyloft.
  14. Danigo92498

    Which Zelda Game Are You Currently Working On? 100% or Not 100%?

    I'm working on 100%ing Skyward Sword in the first playthrough then in Hero mode since I beat it already. I also want to make a complete walkthrough for Wind Waker.
  15. Danigo92498

    Favorite Candy Bar?

    I like Hershey's Chocolate Bars(original and White Chocolate). I'm real plain...
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