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    What games do you want to see on the Switch?

    Are we talking about Nintendo-owned? Because those games will come out regardless. It's only a matter of time before we see a Kirby and a Metroid game (I truly believe we'll get a Metroid game within the next two years). However, I'm extremely concerned that we aren't seeing releases of the...
  2. CrimsonCavalier

    Is Nintendo Making a Mistake by Releasing Fire Emblem Warriors on Switch and 3DS?

    I'm not actually sure what this post has to do with what I wrote. Not trying to be rude, just not understanding why you're quoting me. What you say about there being only one gaming division is all fine and good, but the fact is that there are still two separate platforms—the Wii U (as of...
  3. CrimsonCavalier

    Breath of the Wild Wii U version or Switch version

    @Scribear I hear ya man. If I had more time, I'd drop the money for the Switch and Zelda. But I can't justify the purchase right now. Not for one game.
  4. CrimsonCavalier

    Breath of the Wild Wii U version or Switch version

    I'm getting it on Wii U. Besides the fact that I won't be getting a Switch for the foreseeable future, I already own the Wii U. There's no point in getting the console for one game. Granted, as Spirit said, there will be more games, and eventually the console will be worth it (maybe), but if you...
  5. CrimsonCavalier

    Breath of the Wild What concerns me about BOTW

    I'm in the camp that sometimes they show too much. All we need is a teaser. I know that in an age of short attention spans, they have to keep releasing new info in order to keep our tiny-and-ever-shrinking-brains captivated, but man, sometimes they show too much. Going back and seeing how much...
  6. CrimsonCavalier

    Breath of the Wild Link is not a nice chap in Breath of the Wild

    They're also incredibly nasty-looking. I'm sure their meat would be tough and chewy, and not at all appetizing.
  7. CrimsonCavalier

    Breath of the Wild Confirmed - It's Possible to Beat the Game Right Away

    But, aside from The Legend of Zelda, where the concept of the Master Sword wasn't even a thing (although I always considered it as the Master Sword, in my headcanon), you need the Master Sword to beat the game, regardless. You can't defeat Agahnim without the Master Sword, for example. So you...
  8. CrimsonCavalier

    Breath of the Wild So if the game's map is this big...

    I'll chime in with the worry that this game's world will be too big. I said this about Xenoblade X, and there's the same potential here: the world in X was too big. However, I think the biggest problem in X was that I didn't really care enough about the world to explore it. It was beautifully...
  9. CrimsonCavalier

    Nintendo Any of you hoping that the switch has a good internet browser?

    I only used the Wii U's browser sparingly, so I don't think I would miss it. However, it would be nice to have, because I did use it on occasion, when I was stuck on a level or something. It was just more convenient than getting on my ipad or something.
  10. CrimsonCavalier

    Should console manufacturers ban very bad games from releasing on their condsoles?

    Absolutely not. If a console manufacturer wants to put a "Seal of Approval" on a game to show that they are backing it in terms of perceived quality, I'm okay with that, but nothing should be banned.
  11. CrimsonCavalier

    Nintendo Switch Paid Online

    I had minimal problems on the Wii U with Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon. Both those games were fairly stable for me. Smash was better than Brawl in terms of connection stability, but still not good enough for me to play online. The hope is that now that we have to pay, the servers will be more...
  12. CrimsonCavalier

    Switch damage protection

    I wonder if there will be some third party that comes out with some sort of case for it, like OtterBox or something akin to that. However, I do see a problem with any case, since you would probably have to remove the case to take off the Joy-Cons. Unless you only plan on playing with a Pro...
  13. CrimsonCavalier

    Nintendo Switch Paid Online

    So here is my big question about the NES/SNES games. These aren't the same thing as Virtual Console, right? These are basically 1-month trials of games that come included with the one-year online subscription? I'm just trying to make sure I have my facts straight.
  14. CrimsonCavalier

    Top 5 games you have the strongest nostalgia for

    Gotcha. I really really loved Manhattan Project when I was a kid. I only beat it once, but I remember it very fondly today. Nostalgia and all that.
  15. CrimsonCavalier

    Is King Dedede a duck or a penguin?

    I always thought he was a pigeon, to be honest. But out of those two, I say penguin. Also, this glory:
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