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  • Yeah, I just typed out the info for this thing, gonna call it "Chaotic Wind Style: Rasenshurikblast"--it's crazy ^::^ Ah, last day with no brothers bugging you, guess that’s kind of meh -::- I’m doing alright, gonna likely type out more of this Chapter later, among other thigns I don’t know of yet.
    Alright, I wasn’t gonna give away big details behind how they go—but quite a few of the deaths are different then the Anime and Manga versions, no doubt. I am planning on combining Naruto’s Rasenshuriken with Shadow the Hedgehog’s Chaos Blast…….heh, that’ll be great. So anyways, how’s it going?
    Indeed, so far Hackedon, Derezzidara, and Glitachi have all met their ends—Krashame soon and then Krashuzu next…..and the rest later. I may bring Itachi back though; have him become a Protagonist now.
    Good morning…..and yes, a lot goes on. The Shikamaru vs. Hackedon battle is the most violent though, well kind of, because Hackedon is Hidan’s infected form and so—he swears and stuff.
    Heheh, thanks……and I guess I estimated wrong, I have no clue how long the Naruto Chapter will be, already nearing 50 pages though. The Sasuke Uchiha vs. Glitachi Uchiha battle alone was 13 and a half pages long in the end.....my biggest chapter yet.
    Summer break started....about June 7 for me....I think. But didn't you get out few days ago? Anyway....Kirby's Epic Yarn is probably the first game in a long time I can say I actually had fun!
    Oh, and nothing has really happened here, that you've been gone. But really the only reason I come here, is my friends. So with me pretty much the only one being online, for the past months, its been disappointing....
    This Chapter is likely gonna be around 50 pages long, not even kidding…..lots of stuff going on, rather long battles, traveling, etc. I know, Tuesday is the final day for me—can’t wait to graduate. Alright my friend, peace out for now, see you next time ^::^
    Yes, I’ll be sure to e-mail you the Chapter when it’s done…..unless you want to read it when the whole thing is done, whatever works for you. Nope, same old same old pretty much, how about on your end?
    Indeed I am, my friend ^::^ And the Naruto Chapter for my story is like 35 pages long so far, heheh. Nice to see you again, I’m doing alright…..how have you been?
    No, I am almost opposite of you in appearance. I have brown/black hair, grey eyes (I do not know how I got grey eyes, but i'll take them!), tanish skin (yellow), and I'm tall and slim.:P yeah....opposite!
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