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    Koume and Kotake in SS?

    That would be a cool boss revisit, those are usually my favorite boss fights.
  2. ConsoleGamesFTW

    Epona in Skyward Sword

    If they do bring back Epona, I hope they give you a way of calling Epona much earlier than they did in TP with the horse call. I felt slow running around looking for horse grass...also I barely used Epona in the second half of TP
  3. ConsoleGamesFTW

    MM + Oot = Skyward Sword?

    Its very easy to say a zelda game is a combination of others (look at my sig) but after learning these new details I really think this is going to be a huge blend of all the games (including OOT and MM). This is good!
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    Yeah i really hope they don't forget the classic zeldas...i could see them sticking to simply TP and OOT. Any reference at all to the oracle games would be amazing!
  5. ConsoleGamesFTW

    Did the Oocca Get Removed from the Game Last Minute???

    Yeah this is completely typical of Zelda games. WW's first trailer looked so different than the final product and I'm pretty sure they planned on having a magic meter in TP until that was removed (check the back of the game if you don't believe me). In short, there are many things that undergo...
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    I'm So Fed Up With...

    Yeah I can see how it would be more awkward for a lefty to swing a remote as opposed to pressing buttons with their off hand...but I bet they will get the hang of it after awhile. This is completely different but I've always been amazed that right handed players have learned to be so precise...
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    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    Yeah, I don't know if this is technically the first "dungeon", because isn't there that place they were playing at E3 last year first to show the basics. It could be the first temple but I don't know if that was actually confirmed by the people in the GT footage.
  8. ConsoleGamesFTW

    Spoiler Destructoid: Hands-on Impressions for Skyward Sword

    I don't really understand what Destructiod is...but whoever they are obviously hasn't been paying attention to the focus of this game for the past year. Here is the line: "And this is a major addition to Skyward Sword -- and a huge focus! When fighting enemies in the game, Link has to strike...
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    Spoiler Ghirahim, the Pale Dude...

    This fight will be similar to Dark Samus battles in MP2 Echoes (or a more epic King Bulbin for non metroid fans...). He will pass through and fight you after certain events. Don't be fooled by the heart container you recieve after defeating him because you will see him multiple times
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    Spoiler Sws is Starting to Look Darker (MAJOR SPOILER)

    He reminds me of Byrne not by his look or his attack but by his personality and demeanor. Byrne always seemed like if he wanted to he could just kill Link (as he was a kid in that game) and Ghirahim had that same sort of sense to him. Also their roles are the same as I'm pretty sure that...
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    Skyward Sword is Finished?

    They are testing for bugs and glitches right now I found some weird stuff in TP that screwed me over a few times...
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    Spoiler Skyward Sword Girl's Possible Name.

    On the idea of backtracking through levels...At worst, it will be like PH where it just gets really repetitive after awhile. At best, it will be like Metroid and will feel rewarding and fresh. Knowing this team, we should get the latter.
  13. ConsoleGamesFTW

    Spoiler Sws is Starting to Look Darker (MAJOR SPOILER)

    The game is going to be great...every console game has been. The developers have had so much time with this that it will have the perfect mood, music, everything. Look at TP: would you imagine that in the same game that you are herding goats and feeding cat fish, you would be running away...
  14. ConsoleGamesFTW

    Purple Dude/Villain?

    I know that theoretically it doesn't make sense that this guy is Vaati, but honestly Nintendo doesn't care that much about timelines and they basically have two villains for the series... I agree that this would not make sense but don't count out Nintendo not being as knowledgeable as their fans.
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    Spoiler Rauru?!?

    I've always thought that Rauru looked a lot like the King of Hyrule from WW. That would in fact make more sense if the character we saw in the trailer was Zelda's father because it explains him being up in Skyloft. Though there is a chance that this may be Rauru or some other sage, usually...
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