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    TPHD-Wii U Legend of Zelda: TP Icon found in Wii U e-Shop

    I would hope they make it an "HD remaster", in the sense of tweaking the game engine to render at a higher resolution, but other than that, there's absolutely no reason to make an HD remake, the textures in the original are perfectly fine.
  2. Clank

    PS2 fat or PS2 slim

    Go for the fat if you want to mod it, otherwise, definitely go for the slim. I've never had overheating issues with the slim (I have a 75XXX), but earlier models could have it. On the fat though, the lasers have a tendency to die really easily. But the fats also have a hard drive bay which is...
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    I'd bike if I could, but unfortunately I live far enough from town that I have to drive (or get up really early to bike for a few hours, while carrying a days worth of supplies for college). Of course, I don't really consider living that far out to be unfortunate, but that's a topic for another...
  4. Clank

    How many hours sleep do you have?

    I basically require 8-10 hours of sleep to not feel tired, but I haven't been that well rested consistently since college started.
  5. Clank

    I started last week as well, and that was quite a busy week. I'm taking Engineering Physics one...

    I started last week as well, and that was quite a busy week. I'm taking Engineering Physics one, differential equations (either calc 2.5 or 4, depending on who you ask), new student assembly (basically hang out with other freshmen), and intro to electrical engineering. I only took 12 hours since...
  6. Clank

    Alright, a bit overwhelmed by university, but otherwise pretty good. How about you?

    Alright, a bit overwhelmed by university, but otherwise pretty good. How about you?
  7. Clank

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Over half my EP1 class doesn't know which way gravity points. (okay, so technically over half which voted using iClickers, which would likely be biased towards students who are in the humanities, at least at my university, those are the main classes that use iClickers. Either way, ~2/3 of the...
  8. Clank

    If You Offend SomEone And Then Say Sorry, Does It Repair The Situation

    If someone says they are sorry and means it, then it's up to the other person to forgive them. Repairing the situation is a two person (or more) process, it requires both the offender (to say sorry and mean it) and the "victim" (to forgive them). It can't happen without both of those.
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    Things That Are on Your Mind

    What browser are you using? Chrome for android, FF for android and the AOSP browser also has it, I'm not sure about opera though... But yeah, any decent browser has it.
  10. Clank

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Oh, I'm not the only one? Meh, just tick the box saying something like "request desktop site", that should clear things right up. Besides, I never was a fan on ZD's mobile site myself.
  11. Clank

    Googling Information Quickly to Look Like You Know What You're Talking About

    Honestly, I'll google something in a conversation, just for the information, but I don't hide it. I mean it's pretty obvious that I'm googling something, though usually the other party doesn't care.
  12. Clank

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    So, Lindsey Stirling is playing a free concert in town, but apparently our local advertising department (of the place that hired her) is rather poor quality. Man, I'm so excited for Saturday.
  13. Clank

    Are You In Love?

    Define in love. I mean I do have a crush on Fi, some days Midna, but you know, blue is really pretty. Watch out scrapper, the moment you turn your back, I will remove you from the situation.
  14. Clank

    General Zelda Who Was Your First Companion in Zelda?

    Midna, I still really like her and don't see what people have against her. I mean sure she is a bit over the top in some cases, but without her, I probably would have given up on TP or gotten lost due to getting sidetracked.
  15. Clank

    How Internets-Famous Are You?

    Well, there's a couple of technical sites where people seem to appreciate my input, but I'm not sure I would call being appreciated by a few nobodies being popular, Beyond that (and getting retweets from a few famous peoples), I would say that I'm basically ignored.
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