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  • I understand what you mean, man. I was in 11th grade last year and it was rough. Hardest school year for me ever.

    Hey, do you plan on purchasing Paper Mario: Sticker Star for the 3DS?
    Hi Chris, could you invite me to your Elite Zelda Members group....I promise you, I know a lot about Zelda, if you don't trust me I can prove it....somehow!!
    I know!! I can answer any question related to Zelda!!
    What all do you have to know in order to be invited into the Elite Zelda Members Group. I know quite a bit about the Zelda Series, and the Legend of Zelda in general, But I am not sure if it is enough to be invited into a group with this impressive of a name. (and probably very impressive knowledge too.)
    I may only be a junior member of the Zelda Dungeon Community, but that in no way means I have little to no knowledge of the zelda series.
    chris quiz me on zelda stuff so i can live up to myself and my respected and join the elite zelda members
    Hey how can i prove myself worthy to join ur elite zelda members group
    Hello Chris! how are you lately? good I hope! Anyways, I've never actually talked to you before! so this is a first!:nod: Well, see ya around!
    i do but my schedule gives me lots of free time and i wanted to be one of the top posters on ZD so i basically posted everywhere i could to get that title and now im gonna try and keep that title :)
    Thanks, thanks. I've got a ways to go, but oh well. It's not like I'll be leaving anytime soon. :)
    my avatar is not scary D:. It's just a grumpy link. and I never made a thread before (in all those 3 years) so don't worry about your post account ;). Oh and in case you didn't know, that kid in the profile pic is me
    Haha, thanks, I'll do my best. :)
    Although I did have the top of the list for a long time until Oni took it from me.
    To answer your questions...

    Cel-shading is a style of shading on 3D models. I'm not sure of the technical aspects and such, but I know it comes up with a cartoony look, like Wind Waker. Wind Waker used cel-shading.

    VC stands for Virtual Console, which is the Wii's service where you can download games for money. Majora's Mask has yet to be put onto VC, whereas most of the other Zelda games have already.
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