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Chilfo Freeze
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  • Huh. Well maybe you should ask them? *shrug*

    Anyways, yeah. That'll be fun once we get further into things c:
    Nice to meet you too c:

    Anyways, I felt some of the people in that rp just were like "dude you're stupid. Just go read the last pages" and I felt a little like a dear in headlights, or that was just me overreacting. I may reconsider joining. But random rps really get crazy, trust me, I've had plenty of those. After a while my rp friends and I decide it's best we have a plot and a real reason to the rp. Then we make it work from there.

    I'll give an example my friends and I came up with a random rp called "Characters Only" the basic plot was "No talking, just rp characters talking/doing random things". Sure, it was fun for a while, then it got a little boring. After some brief talking we came up with the idea of our characters being in some kind of contest where our characters were forced to fight against each other in an arena. It was a great idea, I'd still be going if my friends hadn't gone inactive. If random rp got a plot like that or something totally different in general. Then it wouldn't be legally called "random rp" but it could still work and be fun c:

    Sorry for the rant/ D;
    i hope you have a merry christmas and happy new year:wave:
    Well I guess some people think that when their boyfriend or girlfriend are 21 and up, that it doesn’t matter how old or young they are. BTW, how you been doing?
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