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    General Art Random Paints by Charge 1

    This is Suzaku, the vermillion bird of the south. (He is known as Suzaku in Japan; in China, it's just The Vermillion Bird.) It is one of the four symbols of the Chinese constellation. It represents the fire element, south, and summer. Though the bird has been illustrated multiple times...
  2. ChargewithSword

    General Art The Little Waterbender [PG] Adventure

    Power of Suggestion In a quiet part of the sea, Katara was being led to her grotto by Suki and Toph. They kept ahead of her and would constantly giggle. Whenever Katara asked then why they were taking her there, they would immediately shut up, as if she wasn't there. It was fortunate that...
  3. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Prefer You Lon Lon Milk or Tea? Enter for Some Zelda Poetry

    I hope I was not too harsh, and I hope that you find creativity and enjoyment in the process.
  4. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Prefer You Lon Lon Milk or Tea? Enter for Some Zelda Poetry

    No, the entirety of the 5th-8th.
  5. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Prefer You Lon Lon Milk or Tea? Enter for Some Zelda Poetry

    After, "I'll exploit your weakness..." and before "Oh ye who fate forever forbids me befriend..."
  6. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Prefer You Lon Lon Milk or Tea? Enter for Some Zelda Poetry

    I believe your poem got a little repetitive in context and it drags on to become an info dump at times instead of being a bold claim and boast. However, the best of times are the best, these being the beginning and early middle which really act out as a poem and boast befit to a sort of montage...
  7. ChargewithSword

    Would You Date a Zora?

    If she has a good personality and is nice, sure. I really don't care until I am disgusted or disturbed upfront. Edit: Another thing; it isn't bestiality since they are humanoids. Animals are creatures that cannot speak our mortal languages and have smaller brains than us. If the creature walks...
  8. ChargewithSword

    General Art The Little Waterbender [PG] Adventure

    Down Home After the incident with Zuko, life went on as normal under the sea. Time did not stop and the passing of the storm was only a minor hindrance to the grand festival that followed. Then, like most things, it was eventually forgotten; as is the flow of time. Something was missing...
  9. ChargewithSword

    Phantom Hourglass Is Phantom Hourglass Worth It?

    Phantom Hourglass is worth a first purchase for the sake of it being a Zelda game. In order to properly love it, I suggest you don't compare it to the other Zeldas for it is the weaker of most of them.
  10. ChargewithSword

    General Art Chargewitsword's Grammar/Writing Tips

    I've updated the list with, "Character speaking."
  11. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Deniro's Zelda Art

    I like how you try to mimic the MM shading style, it really adds a lot. This weightier version of Igos is strange, but it definitely fits for your style of art. His right hand and right pinkie toe seem strange, but aside from that, it's good.
  12. ChargewithSword

    Zelda Art Great Fairy (TP) - Art Nouveau Style

    A beautiful piece of work here. I love the smooth connection between the different parts of the fairie and the color usages. The slight brownish gold overlay really makes the work seem more like a natural piece. I also love the lighting used on the liquid; it makes the wine look very delicious.
  13. ChargewithSword

    Dungeon Teleportation Like Oocoo

    I would actually prefer the method used in Ocarina of Time with Farore's Wind. That one allowed for more free reign on where to go in the dungeon and could also serve as an exit tool. I was disappointed when something similar never showed up for any of the newer titles. Oocoo seemed like a major...
  14. ChargewithSword

    Great Sea is Hyrule and TERMINA?

    We also see Anju who looks just like the Cucoo Lady, and Gormon who looks like Ingo. Just because we see lookalikes means nothing. We also see Tingle in Oracle of Ages and in Four Swords; that would suggest that there are multiple Tingle's. A postal system could have developed anytime in...
  15. ChargewithSword

    Majora's Mask 3DS?

    Since reusing a similar engine and already having the concept down to make a sequel would cost next to nothing for Nintendo, chances are they will. They obviously will hire the third party studio that did this version of OOT to do an MM3D so as to improve more third party relations. This would...
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