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  • Well, it'll get PG-13 for the violence alone. Might as well also get sexual content put in there too. I don't think you got my message or something on the updated version, so I'll write some more and then send it to you.
    Ok, so I fixed everything. I asked a question on the before posting thread, but I haven't gotten an answer. So what I'm about to do is do an innuendo that Lazarus and Avalin are going to do "it." But I'm not gonna actually go outright and say it. Do you think I'd be allowed to do the innuendo or would I get in trouble?
    Charge, free up some space from your inbox. I wanted to send you my response yesterday and it was full. I'll send it when you delete a few messages first.
    Hey Charge it's been a long time, dude!

    I'm doing great, thanks for asking. A Link to Death is close to beingdone, I'm preparing for a new story after that, soon I'll start Let's Playing (a little bit of a YouTube trend: basically you record a playthrough of a game and record what you say as you play it), and I'm pretty excited for Christmas.

    How about you?
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