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  • I got mine preorder last week just to be safe if it sells out quick. I have to finish my project which is due on monday before sunday if I want any time to play the game. Ugh so much work I have to complete
    Wow I never knew it had levitate the first non dark and ghost type to not have weakness unless someone uses gravity. Sure that would be great I do have wifi! Too bad this game doesn't come out on Friday for the states and canada but instead it comes out on a school night.
    Oh forgot to mention down below is that Castelia City is where you can face the 3rd gym. Also my last pokemon that I couldn't remember from my past team was chandelur (i think I spelled that right) the fire and ghost pokemon.
    I played the game with snivy in the japanese version so I might choose him again or go with the water one. Haven't fully constructed my team yet but chose Crimgan as my dragon and Heatmor as my fire type. Maractus as my grass and Zoroark as my Dark. My last gameplay was Jalorda, the dog one, Sigilyph, the water fossile, Desukan, and cant remember my last one. For my new team I might use a ground or electric type or maybe a ice but haven't really decided yet. Just found out that Crimgan cant learn fly so I'm sadden with that. That means more walking for me in the game.
    now the victini event is wifi right? I can't wait for the game to come out just six more days. and it would be the week that I have all my exams on
    I always hate it when they do these events at stores like toys r us and gamestop which both are nowhere near me.
    Just wanted to thank you for posting that web link to get that missed Celebi event.
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