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    Are the days of the fat, short, out of shape or odd looking hero over?

    I never said they were wrong, I even said those traits are perfectly fine. What's wrong is when it becomes an obligation or it's pandering. I don't know who would enjoy a game that likes kissing ass rather than create something from passion. How is the Witcher homophobic? That's the most...
  2. Caramel H

    Who is your celebrity look-alike?

    My whole life I've been compared to Dakota Fanning. We look almost identical but I have different colored eyes. What about you?
  3. Caramel H

    Do You Shower After Pooping At Home?

    Nah, when I poop I use the wet toilet wipes so it cleans things up more. If I were to shower everytime I poop I feel like it would be a little wasteful, but then again, I don't poop that often.
  4. Caramel H

    Foods you are addicted to right now

    I'm really in the mood for fried chicken, idk why.
  5. Caramel H

    Are the days of the fat, short, out of shape or odd looking hero over?

    I never said that there are, but it's become a trend in media. I could definitely list those examples if you want. The gaming world is less severe. In the Witcher 3 (and the witcher series as a whole) there are only white people - which makes sense, because the geography in which the characters...
  6. Caramel H

    What past title would you like the game to take inspiration from?

    Twilight Princess for sure. People kept comparing it to OoT like it was a bad thing but it was a game that regenerated OoT's ideas and made them better. TP is also an amazing game on it's own. The combat is so satisfying, riding Epona is fun and doesn't feel like a chore, each dungeon is...
  7. Caramel H

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 337!

    I've always loved the story of the Hyrulean Civil War and how it impacts OoT, especially Link's mother. There are theory videos on youtube explaining how certain dungeons in OoT's structure correlates to the civil war, it's very interesting.
  8. Caramel H

    2018 is almost over, so how did this year go for you? And do you look forward to 2019?

    It went well, better than expected :) I got my first job this year and overall it's been better emotionally than 2017. I'm excited for 2019 because I'll be moving in with my SO soon, but because I'm a little bit of a pessimist I won't get my hopes up about it being the "best year ever" or...
  9. Caramel H

    Best friends forever...do you have one?

    I consider my boyfriend my best friend. We both have very similar personalities and we sync together very well, our humor is very similar, and we also have many things in common (music, games, shows, movies, etc.), so it's a lot of fun to have your best friend as your SO. Before I met my...
  10. Caramel H

    Are the days of the fat, short, out of shape or odd looking hero over?

    Well, now that the whole body-positive thing is trendy now, we'll probably be getting some oddly shaped protagonists lol. Personally I like the eccentric "odd" hero, or the underdog. I feel Link may count. He's of smaller stature, dresses differently from the rest, and doesn't acquire very...
  11. Caramel H

    Christmas: Are you looking forward to it?

    When I was younger Christmas felt more magical. A big man with a white beard in a fuzzy red outfit was breaking into our house to give me most of the things I asked for that christmas, it was pretty exciting. Now I'm 20, the magic is still there, but the childlike mystery has depleted a bit. My...
  12. Caramel H

    Do people today fact check what they are told by the media, politicians and others?

    I'd assume not most of the time. There's been a handful of times someone will share/retweet something I see and I try to look for the evidence, and I can't find it anywhere. We live in a divisive world full of gullible people, fact checking is probably the last thing on someone's mind when they...
  13. Caramel H

    Rumour- One Zelda game on Switch per year

    That'd be awesome, only if the games are good and a year is enough time for each. I 100% agree with Attila on the OoT/MM HD, now that, that would make my decade.
  14. Caramel H

    Are you going to be apprehensive of Zelda Switch's story trailer?

    I'll always be apprehensive, Nintendo does new things all the time and sometimes (especially recent years) I don't think they listen to their fan's desires anymore, they just do whatever they want.
  15. Caramel H

    Did you ever got into a franchise or like a game without playing it at all?

    My boyfriend introduced me to the Witcher 3, and I still have yet to play. I'm not as interested in it as I am with the LoZ series, but it's very alluring to say the least, especially with fan reviews on the game. I've been interested in reading the books by Andrzej Sapkowskyi.
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