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Bunny Hood
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  • The hearts are a part of the user reputation system. It is mostly covered here
    Basically every post you make can be voted on by other members if they liked it or did not like it. If a post is particularly impressive or funny then someone will add to your user reputation. Or if they thought a post was not contributing to a discussion or saw it to be trollish they will disagree by placing negative reputation. The number of points received or lost can be viewed in your user settings. And when you gain enough points another heart will appear. If you loose too many the heart will be replaced by a skull. And only by gaining more positive reputation points will it be replaced by a heart again. If you gain more hearts then the amount of points you can give goes up.
    You have a couple options. First of all on your profile page there is an albums section. You can make an album then upload pics to that album. From there you can go to any thread menu when posting or replying and there is a little add picture button. That will allow you to either choose from an existing url or from your albums, simply choose the album attachment option.

    Other than that you can upload the pic to some image hosting site like imageshack, photobucket or tinypic. nce they are loaded you can right click and copy the image location, then go back and press the same add picture button and load from url then paste the image link in the box.. The direct way can be to simply type and on both sides of the image link.
    Hi Bunny Hood! Welcome to Zelda Dungeon. Hope you have a fun time here. Don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.
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