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  • Of course I don't mind. =3 Sorry for the late reply. I've been busy with work and my computer had this site blocked for awhile.
    You...might want to calm a bit down there, man. If you've any problems, feel free to PM me and I'll talk with some mods to try to help your situation. Or, cut the middle mana nd PM some mods yourself. Creating threads of public outrage will do nothing but harm yourself.
    It was pretty cool! I have the first song in my head for some reason. I'm happy for Twilight, but I hope they plan on getting another unicorn. Before Twilight became an Alicorn, there were 2 of each kind of pony. Now there's only one unicorn...hey Rarity is a rarity now!
    Not at all, mate! Happy to get to know all bronies and pegasisters on ZD.

    Something, however, tells me you're not actually the head honcho here. Might want to look into a more generic title.
    Nah, I wouldn't be upset. That's really nice of you. Did you find out who the other one was sent by?
    *cough cough* Who me? I sent a lot of cards out for members. It's not like I put it in a overdone song from the summer time or anything...that would be silly, filly!
    OKEY DOKEY! Hope you randomly get a scanner within a year! By the way, did you get any cards for Valentines Day?
    I understand that. I change mines up every month to support a theme, but there's always Eevee involved. Right now it's obviously Valentines related, but next month it'll be almost completely green. Maybe you could have a bunch of cutie marks as your background? And you can have Rarity's cutie mark as your profile pic.
    That would be so cute! She already has a soft spot for Spike. I'd imagine she'd like him, later on in the show. Hmmm do you plan on dressing up your page? Personalizing it a bit?
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