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  1. Brian Frost

    The Worst PS4 game?

    You're forgetting about KNACK BABYYYY
  2. Brian Frost

    The Oral History of Doris

    After the recent meme ban at North New Downsdale South, the students and faculty alike have been incredibly politically charged. There is no revolution, yet, but I fear the students may go for the weakest links first. Me? I am a humble janitor, and I've been working at NNDSHS for a few years...
  3. Brian Frost

    Is Mario Sunshine more difficult than the others?

    There's a level to which Sunshine's sub-optimal controls make it harder from a platforming perspective, but I think simply in execution of 'required' or non-optional levels, it is easier than a few of the older Mario titles. I don't think anything harder has been released since then, barring...
  4. Brian Frost

    Your Bucket List

    I have always wanted to make a notable contribution to the field of mathematics, not necessarily for the medal, or for any recognition, but for the sense of purpose it would provide me. Beyond that, I have had a short story collection idea bouncing about in my head that I need to get on paper...
  5. Brian Frost

    Best year for you?

    My favorite year, and I'm somewhat preoccupied with it, was 1985. May I remind you of U2, Blondie, music still on MTV. MY two children who are now in high school constantly tell me that I'm uncool, but this is meaningless. Millennials do not quite understand the joy of White Snake. I know every...
  6. Brian Frost

    What made you happy today?

    Today I had my first class of the semester, Modern Algebra, and the professor spent about 20 minutes on the deaths of famous mathematicians. One, which I'm not entirely sure is true, was that a man proved that root 2 is irrational while on a boat, and was drowned by his crew-mates because they...
  7. Brian Frost

    Are People in ZD Your Friends?

    Well, of course, not everybody on ZD is somebody I consider my friend, but there are some people on this forum and who work for staff who I have spoken to/still speak to on a more regular basis then some of my IRL friends.I care about their well-being and know well that they care about mine...
  8. Brian Frost

    If you was stranded on a island

    You can have both arms if I get to do whatever I want with his hair.
  9. Brian Frost

    If you was stranded on a island

    So you're just leaving me and @Misty to die here because of our physical disabilities? Real ableist move there! And you call yourself a dark master! You're barely worthy of the title "DANK MONSTER"!
  10. Brian Frost

    Animals You Like

    I love many animals, The nimble toad The hardy snail The unapologetic flea (oh how I shiver just thinking of such lovely things!) But let me make this absolutely clear: There is no single animal more vile, more disgusting, more amoral than the TURKEY. I may not be the first to say it, but let me...
  11. Brian Frost

    thanks satan but im a man of gohd!

    thanks satan but im a man of gohd!
  12. Brian Frost

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    All I've been thinkin bout lately is how there are these foxes with guns in the smash bros and they have spaceships too but then you got someone like marth whos just really a sword from the feudal era and how can he really even imagine a gun and if there was a gun what would he even do with the...
  13. Brian Frost

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime: 7/10 A simultaneously enjoyable and infuriating multiplayer experience. The difficulty disappointingly depreciates when playing with more players. The visuals are fantastic, the power-ups are intriguing and useful; this game offers quite a lot. However it's...
  14. Brian Frost

    Sounds you dislike?

    The sound of sports fans cheering/booing. I really can't believe it. I can't even imagine the need to commit group sonic suicide because your team got a touchdown or whatever. Go find something else to be happy about. The sound in StarCraft 2 that says "YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS"
  15. Brian Frost

    Console you own the most/least games for

    I have a pretty insane amount of games for the Wii, as an amazing amount of people have told me "I have all of these Wii games I don't want, pls take them Brian!" Of course most of them are awful, but I have around 50/60. The console I have the fewest games for is my Virtual Boy for which I...
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