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  • Ah, I see. I suppose that makes sense. Me personally, I think if they changed their minds on that they would have come out and said it since they had already made a more definite statement about it. But that's just me; I see where you're coming from.

    That's possible I guess. I kinda thing they just reused a lot of the same ideas, yet at the same time wanted to create a new foe. Usually they change the design, but sometimes they did this. I think this mostly happened with the transition between the old 2D games and the newer 3D ones. But meh. :sweat:
    Well.. The thing is Nintendo has actually made official statements saying there is a timeline split with OoT. I don't personally think it was intended when the game was made, but they've acknowledged it now. Not a full timeline, just the split. That's probably why. Sorry about that though. :(

    Oh, the Skyward Sword ChuChus? Yeah, they do look pretty similar. I think they're ChuChus because of the eye, is all. Since it's a prequel and has older themes, though, perhaps it's an older type of blob. And yeah, the blob types of enemies are pretty similar, although they are technically different foes.
    Wow...bradley those wii romotes looks great!! Are they custom made? And do you know who makes them?
    Made another group: Linearists. Join if you believe in a linear Zelda timeline or want to debate about a split or linear timeline.
    Hello :) thanks for the friend request! You have Wii codes? I'll find mine out and post 'em for anyone who wants them(including you;))
    Anyone who wants to swap friend codes with me can whenever they want. Mine is 6449 6540 5399 4495
    Hey, accepted your friend request. You're kinda new I see. Liking the site so far? :)

    Love your profile pic by the way. :xd:
    Yea Skyward Sword looks awesome!! :) Hey so do you mind if there is the wii plus thing on it? I think its better then the gamecube was it like your the character in the game. IDK what do you think?
    Oh that game? I gave up on it. But what I am doing now is kinda like a soccer league. A thread about it can be found in the Fan Fic area...you cant miss it. I think it is called ZD Soccer League. :P
    Hi Brad not at the moment mate actually going to get a Wii tomorrow so if I get it all set up I'll send you my friend ID :)
    Hey Brad how are you today then? Anything new happening?
    How have you been then :P Had a good birthday?
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