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  • Wow thanks, That's actually my favourite Link! and with the FD Design this is the best I could want! Lol i'll put it on right now. Thanks again.
    Well, it's kind of... um... squarish... and big... actually, I think I can shrink it myself. You're awesome for making my siggy!
    You're welcome.

    Well, I think a lot of people take the timeline too seriously I think it's silly to do so since there is absolutely no way to prove a timeline, and there's no way it'll ever be "correct". Nintendo's never going to clarify the timeline, way I see it. So everyone should just have fun with the timeline stuff, as it's useless to take it seriously. That said, I think other people react to quotes and stuff as our only solid evidence, and hence the basis for all timeline theories (as those are the only bits of fact we have), but either way timelines need to stop being serious business.
    Ah, I see. Well, I suppose that's good from a creative standpoint. I just think people who make timelines are typically not doing it quite as much for fun as they are to try and figure a REAL timeline out, hence they try to strictly follow what little official sources there are.

    For the record, I like that timeline thar. Sounds logical to me. XP

    Yeah, I heard about that. Thanks! :)
    Ah, I see. That's interesting. Why do you not consider Aonuma's statements though?

    Eh, maybe. I'm not a big fan of timeline discussions. :xd:
    Hm. Well that's debatable I suppose. It's true they're usually not written by the same person, but that's true for any single element of any video game. What matters is if they're considered canon, and the manuals typically are, at least nowadays.

    Oh, really? That's possible, although perhaps they're just linking facts together in cryptic ways. Sometimes that might not be so different I suppose... Got any examples?
    I suppose. The main issue I think is that in-game and manual text, as well as developer quotes are more solid than conjecture and theory, so when those things contradict a theory, the usual thing to do is consider the theory disproved.
    Well, those are the clothes of all the Links. I don't know if they're that exclusive to the Hero of Time... The Hero's Shade is theorized to be the Hero of Time, but there isn't conclusive proof so it could be something else.

    Oh? I remember Miyamoto or Aonuma saying something about how TWW was supposed to be on another timeline while TP (which was about to be released) was on this one...
    Thanks for the welcome! I'm loving this site so far. Stumbled here when one missing heart from MM was driving me nuts, and now I've been reading for a couple of hours. So many geeky people like me! ;) I just love it.
    Hey Brad aint been on this site for a bit now so just saying hi to some friends asking them how they are doing and stuff.
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