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    How many times have you completed the Pokedex?

    A whole zero times. I just don't have the kind of completionst mentality to go out of my way to catch every Pokemon.
  2. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Do you want BOTW2 to have some LAHD bosses?

    I'll admit I've never fought him. My interest in the Switch remake kind of petered out, so I never finished it.
  3. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    Well, this is disappointing. Animal Crossing is 85% the same game every release, so I fail to see how a 25 minute direct can offer anything interesting.
  4. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Do you want BOTW2 to have some LAHD bosses?

    I don't think any boss should have only a specific item or technique that they're vulnerable to. That sort of thing stifles any creative approach someone could take to the fight.
  5. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Can you be a fan of a game you've never played?

    You can could a fan of aspects of it, especially visuals ones, but no, I'd say that you can't be a fan of a game without having played it.
  6. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Donald Trump Impeachment Vote Final Results

    It wasn't. It was aggressively responding and saying that my opinion just isn't valid and that I should just learn why I'm wrong. Courtesy should be a must, especially in MD. There's no need to turn any thread into dickswinging contests between users.
  7. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Ocarina of Time completed in eight and a half minutes

    Speedrunning is about reaching the end of the game quickly. The point of speedrunning isn't a casual playthrough, nor is it to entertain people watching it. Entertainment is just a side-effect of it..
  8. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Schwarma (is that how you spell it lol?)

    Shawarma (I knew it as dohner kebab in Germany) is awesome. If you buy it from the right place, it's some of the best fast-ish food you can find. My favorite shawarma place was right across from a McDonalds in Germany, and anyone who went to McDonalds instead was insane.
  9. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Do you want BotW2 to use the same DLC practice as BotW?

    Absolutely not. Master Mode, BotW's version of hard mode, should have been included in the game from the start. Charging for extra difficulties is stupid bull****. Champion's Ballad was a dull trudge through loosely connected memories that did nothing to expand upon the game's story. The only...
  10. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Games you never expected to be so easy

    Resident Evil 2 was easier than I expected it to be. There's still a fair amount of challenge to be found, but a lot of the horror comes from the well-done environmental details and aesthetic. The game was good at making areas feel scary and intimidating even if some part of you knew that you...
  11. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    How old were you when you first played video games?

    The earliest game I remember playing is Lego Island, so I was probably about six at the time.
  12. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    2020 U.S. Presidential Election Thread

    Calling for a recanvas seems like a reasonable demand given the amount of drama surrounding the Iowa caucuses this year. Barring some multilayered conspiracy (of which there really aren't any in the modern age), I think it lends some level of innocence to the Buttigieg campaign. If there were...
  13. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    2020 U.S. Presidential Election Thread

    Was there any evidence of software tampering? I definitely agree that it presents a conflict of interest, but has anyone been called in to evaluate the software for possible exploits? If not, it feels like rampant speculation.
  14. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    How many times have you bought your favorite game(s)?

    Most of the games I've bought twice were for the Switch. Why enjoy your favorite games on PC when you can enjoy them in your cargo pocket? I think I've bought Dark Souls, Doom 4, Divinity: Original Sin, and Dragon's Dogma twice. I just noticed that all those games begin with the letter 'D'. I...
  15. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Best Nintendo DLC

    Honestly, Nintendo just doesn't do DLC well. If it is done well, then they charge entirely too much money fir it. If they charge a more regular amount, then it winds up bland and boring like Champions Ballad.
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