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  • Actually, most of the people that were in the floatie wars were not the samee age. My uncles are much older, and so is my sister. But Travis and Shannon are both my age(ish), so I see what you mean. And, Y'know what's weird? I think in AoL you only have one sword. I dunno for sure, but look in the ZD guides. I'll be back today, so I might call you if I'm not too tired.OH, I just remembered (<spelling?), you can prolly do Kid Icarus like you do Mario Bros on my wii: hit the home button and go to the wii menu page thinger, and it automatically saves.
    I would not reccomend Lostwinds. I haven't played it yet, so I dunno, but as a general rule, even the highly rated wiiware games suck and have no replay whatsoever. Oh, and why did you decide on Kid Icarus? It just seems out of the blue. Have you played a rom of it? Also, the fireworks were good, I guess, but I can't tell you that much about them. I was falling asleep in the car on the ride back from a crazy 4th of July party. I was exhausted from extreme volleyball and vicious swimming king of the floatie wars. I will be coming back tomorrow with Pol (you say it Pon- I know,weird, right? he's the kid from Thailand that was up at my place. He'll be back for a week or so. Don't worry, I'll make sure that we can still hang out), but first we're stopping at a TJ Maxx to get me some more shorts and a grocery store to stock up for the trip. So, hopefully, see ya soon!
    Oh, yeah, when I ge back, I gotta tell you about this game InFamous my uncle tim got for the PS3. It's pretty sweet.
    Oh, yeah, that was interesting. But I wouldn't get it. I'm sure it was great on the N64, but it's nothing we haven't seen and we have no great memories with it. Though, I do reccomend that you look it up on an emulatoor. It was interesting, but not that fun. I dunno. You'd have to play it to really get what I mean. And sorry about "Usually"- it just seems like it should be spelt the other way. Anyways, next time I get a wii points card, I'm going to get Alttp and Tetris Party. What would you get next time? and how the heck did you download those if you don't have Wifi?!
    Yeah, the grand campaign will be awesome to get back to. We gotta hook up in the shoutbox sometime. When are you on ussually?
    Yeah, Cleopatra's Needle was pretty big. About 4 of me tall, and 3-4 of me wide. Definetly authentic. Yeah, good thing that it is pretty easy to get the woodfall and whatever the mountain temple is called fairies down, or I don't beleive that I would have the ability to accomplish it. Or, at least discipline. I think that I will get back on either the 7th or the 8th. By the way, what do you get from getting the fairies in the temples? Oh, and is your profile picture directly out of a game, or is it somewhat homemade?
    Nice VC lineup. I kinda regret getting Mario Kart, because Shannon's job makes it hard for us to see eachother. I had fun going arond in NYC, though. We didn't go to any museums, but we explored Central Park, saw this awesome ancient egyptian obelisk called Cleopatra's Needle (even though it had nothing to do with her) and had some really great New York style pizza (NY style is like Aniello's. The stuff I had was good, but I prefer Aniello's because I like a slightly crispier crust. It was really good, though). I've been enjoying MM (when I get the chance to play it) and I am right outside of the Woodfall temple. I am going to try to get all of the fairies. However breifly that might go. Oh, how do you like my new sig and avvy? Zeruda made them, and I love them. I think that they are simply awesome. What do you think?
    Yes to both. The game is still as awesome as it was originally, but harder than I remembered. Both good things. I'm in NYC right now. Arrived earlier. Hanging out in NYC tommorrow, going to museums tomorrow, hopefully. Then I am going out to East hampton next day. Trying to put new sig in, courtesy of Zeruda... HBU?
    Hey, we will soon be starting the Grand Campaign! It's gonna be awesome...
    So y'all know, Blackice is not neccisarily gone, he's just been really busy.
    Gah! First Lenora, now you! All of these sudden dissapearences. >.<
    We hope you don't vanish forever like some others, o' Ice of the Dark kind.
    Hey Mr. Chapin! I've been slowly getting back into the swing of things here over the past two weeks, but I have one problem. I haven't seen you around the forums at all! What is up with that? We need to start having random conversations again and finally figure out who is the grammar king.

    (P.S. Don't even TRY to correct me on who/whom, I'm a master at that.)

    Haha, yeah, agreed. I miss my old cyan color a bit, and I'm really not used to the orange myself. But two people have told me I look better (somehow, on the internet) in orange, so hey, it's cool I guess. :xd:
    Thank you Duke of Darkly Tinted Ice The XVII. And I believe it's a hedgehog, but I'm not quite sure. Now that I think about it, it does look more like an Echidna.. Hrmm.
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