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    Zelda Dungeon Meme Contest

    My "Rutroll" Meme!
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    Goron Reproduction

    Remember- Birdo from Mario is male. Anything is apparently possible with Nintendo...
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    Majora's Mask Time-Proof Bank Account?

    Admittedly, you can't think about this too long or hard, because it's just a simple gameplay mechanic, but here's what is essentially happening: The banker sees his signature stamp on Link, and knows Link should has X amount of rupees stored in the bank, as indicated from the stamp. I guess...
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    Dampé's Theory

    Dampe being a ghost is rather puzzling. Perhaps he so loved being in and caring for the Graveyard during his life that he didn't want to leave it in his death? Or perhaps he wanted to see the hookshot be used in good hands? Eh, who knows. :) Anyway, it's definitely a possible theory. But just...
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    Should Link Have More Than One Mode of Transport?

    I'd like more modes of transportation- Epona and a boat would be great, and some sort of flight traveling late in the game would be cool. However, I only want it if there's a big enough over world that warrants it. If we're not going to have a massive over world, then it would just be...
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    One Zelda Game

    While I tend to like OoT and MM the best, I chose Wind Waker. The Great Sea is just awesome IMO.
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    New Zelda Game Idea - Sequel to AoL

    Yeah, why not? I know I'd like to see a continuation of the "failed" timeline, and see some of the old-school enemies return. However, I doubt that they'd make it obvious like you did- outside of HH, there's nothing that would directly imply that ALttP was due to the Hero of Time's death in...
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    Boss Ideas for Next Zelda Game.

    What if you go through a typical, run-of-the-mill dungeon, and then discover when you get to the boss room that the dungeon itself IS the boss. The boss wakes up from a long sleep and starts to stand up, causing the dungeon to flip and turn all over the place. You'd have to navigate through...
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    Favorite Pokemon Champion?

    Definitely Blue. The whole game lead up to it, and his character was just a big jerk. Taking him down always felt great! :)
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    Twilight Princess "darker Feel" Compared to Majoras Mask

    I'm pretty TP is the way it is partially because of the fan backlash in direction with WW. After MM, many people were expecting the series to stay rather dark and "realistic", and the Space World demo to affirm this. However, when WW and its cel-shaded graphic came along, several fans felt the...
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    Hardest Zelda Game

    I assume TC excluded Zelda II and MM on purpose, seeing as they're typically cited as the hardest, and wanted to hear of something else. I would say the original Zelda. It seems darn near impossible to beat without a guide, and even if you know what you need to do, it can still be hard to...
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    A Link to the Past This is My Minecraft Recreation of Kakariko Village from Link to the Past

    Amazing! I've always wanted to do something like this in Minecraft, haha but I guess I simply fail at having patience
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    Should Something Drastic Happen in Zelda?

    I just can't see the game ending on a extremely sad note- it's just not Zelda's style. However, I would like Zelda endings to be spiced up a bit. Perhaps an extremely ambiguous, open-ended ending would be interesting though. Don't tie everything into a complete knot, and leave plenty of room...
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    Old Zelda Titles in the 3DS EShop?

    I bet most if not all of the old Zelda titles will end up on the e-Shop or available on the 3DS. Zelda I and II are already available for ambassadors, and will be up for everyone at some point. ALTTP will probably be up at some point, possibly as a 3D Classic given Miyamoto's recent interest in...
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    Hyrule Historia - Do You Think It Will/Won't Get Localized? Why/Why Not?

    I highly doubt it too. It took thousands of persistent fans months for Nintendo to listen to Operation Rainfall fans, and that was for some of the best RPG games a dying system has had to date. I see it being very unlikely they'll see the need to publish it outside Japan, especially since...
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