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  1. Billy Ninja

    Lake Floria

    The weakest part of the game, the anciet cistern is great, but Lake Floria alone is just dull.
  2. Billy Ninja

    Reasons This Game is Not a 10/10

    Going back to faron woods is NOT backtracking, it works better then revisit field areas in TP, for instance. The overworld areas are like field areas in previous games, and backtrack on them feels fresh. Go back to dungeons felt bad, but took me literally 20 minutes to go through Skyview...
  3. Billy Ninja

    Reasons This Game is Not a 10/10

    LOL a list of ridiculous details.... pfff. In the opening post. No game will ever deserve 10/10 by this criteria. If you start decrease the score for every little detail that YOU dislike every massive game like this one will receive a near 0 score =P And then we will have 7 hours...
  4. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler Hylian Shield

    it's the Sacred Shield that is available in the bazaar after you fight the Imprisoned for the first time. You have to upgrade it so that it can become the Hylian shield we all know.
  5. Billy Ninja


    People, please, don't be stupid... The game has leaked almost for a week now. All parts of the game are on youtube now, this is a totally different story compared to the Nintendo trailers. So what's the point of a thread like this when everybody knows that the whole game is already on youtube...
  6. Billy Ninja

    Spoiler Mid Game Cutscene!

    I've just played through this cut-scene. Amazing.
  7. Billy Ninja

    Your Take on the "Lets Plays" of Skyward Sword

    Let's talk about spoilers? Just hover the mouse in the walkthrough submenu of the Skyward Sword on the top of this page. I challenge you.
  8. Billy Ninja

    Pro Tips - Post Yours.

    Sometimes is Ok to just waggle the controller as fast as you can, when the enemy is stunned or flat footed. Waggling is the fastest way to slash and so kill the enemy faster. It's also good to relieve some stress. But even in this situations a recommend you to finish him in a elegant way: Spin...
  9. Billy Ninja

    Pro Tips - Post Yours.

    Pro tip 1: Once you've played through the intro of the game(after you get the green tunic), save the game and make 2 copies of it in the remaining slots. Just in case. Believe me, the intro is great but I don't think you wanna go through it twice. There's a lot of text and almost no gameplay...
  10. Billy Ninja

    The Official Skyward Sword Reviews by You

    I'm not very proficient in english and in the other hand there's SO MUCH to talk about this. So I'll leave some bullet points of my opinion about the game so far (I'm 12:30 into the game, almost entering the 3rd dungeon). -Best level design ever in a game. The dungeon-like overworld is amazing...
  11. Billy Ninja

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    2hrs left until I can come back home and play SS for hours and hours straight ^^
  12. Billy Ninja

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    Couldn't help myself and got my hands on the pirate version and I'm playing on a hacked Wii... (I'm from Brazil and that's my alibi) This game is simply amazing, believe me. Don't know how it will play later on, with all that backtracking but after 3-4 hours of gameplay it's a legit Perfect 10...
  13. Billy Ninja

    Skyward Sword Youtube Walkthrough

    I live in Brazil and only god knows when I'll get my copy (hopefully about november 25th). Plus, what's the difference? If i have the original (i preordered it already), i have the right to use it the way I want.
  14. Billy Ninja

    Skyward Sword Youtube Walkthrough

    There is a Hero/Master Quest, New Game+ or any kind of post-ending mode? Just answer Yes or No.
  15. Billy Ninja

    Skyward Sword Youtube Walkthrough

    I'll be playing the pirate version of the game tomorrow (my connection is slooow), I couldn't hold myself. Be I'll restart the playthrough as soon as i get my hands on the collector's edition. But I'll keep my Wii soft modded until I play Xenoblade and TLS, then I'll restore it.
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