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    Nostalgic Music

    For starters, several Cake songs give me nostalgia. We used to listen to them in the car on long road trips. Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake Love you Madly by Cake And some other Cake songs I don't know the name of but could remember well. Of course, The Pokemon Theme song I...
  2. bigflyingpotato

    Secret Santa- Come Check It Out! Sign-up OPEN

    *_* Thank you whoever made mine, don't know who you are, but I love it. I feel like I don't deserve it, but thanks so much ^_^
  3. bigflyingpotato

    Secret Santa- Come Check It Out! Sign-up OPEN

    I guess I'll follow the format above Things I'm into: Legend of Zelda--Mostly TWW, TMC, and MM Music Queen, Sonata Arctica Nerdfighting Clean humor Kirby Fire Emblem Dragons Snow Dr. Horrible Rent Ouran (HSHC) I guess that's it?
  4. bigflyingpotato

    Secret Santa- Come Check It Out! Sign-up OPEN

    All right, go ahead and sign me up. I can pull something together :)
  5. bigflyingpotato

    Zelda Art Zelda: Twin Chronicles

    Fascinating fascinating. The fighting was a bit confusing, but battles are chaotic anyway, so no big deal. Awesome work, as always.
  6. bigflyingpotato

    Google Me!

    ...I have no idea
  7. bigflyingpotato

    Google Me!

    Er, one of the more interesting texture hacks I've seen
  8. bigflyingpotato

    Name Game

    bigflyingpotato bigflyingpotato bigflyinghpotyastyo iogfdik8ughrfi9urtsti Wow, the last one looks nothing like my name,:lol:
  9. bigflyingpotato

    Zelda School (sign-ups)

    Ok, sounds fun. Sign me up 30303030
  10. bigflyingpotato

    Rate the Siggy!

    9/10 for picture 20/10 for Mega Man
  11. bigflyingpotato

    Rate the Siggy!

    9.5/10 Great picture, and I really like the little Link sprite and the rotating Triangles.
  12. bigflyingpotato

    Biggest Noob Thing You Ever Said

    Playing Adventure of Link earlier- "HEY! You can't use your sword! You can't attack me! Only I attack you!!"
  13. bigflyingpotato

    Zelda Art Zelda: Descent Into Madness

    I don't have a problem with the gore, at all. I'm just pointing out that it's a lot more of an intense start than TC.
  14. bigflyingpotato

    Zelda Art Zelda: Descent Into Madness

    You never cease to amaze me MC. Except this time there's gore right from the start. Not that I have a problem, it just makes things that much more interesting :)
  15. bigflyingpotato

    Lets Count to 1000!

    747. I'm wearing comfortable shoes :)
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