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  • Happy birthday!. And it's on the first. Great! i hope your birthday was Grand!

    This is just a reminder to get your secret Santa in if you have not already done so.

    Hachi's pm box is full, so there are two options: either email Hachi at [email protected] send a pm to me containing the secret Santa item. It is much preferable that you email her; only pm me if email is not an option for you at all. Either way, please turn it in before the 24th.

    Thank you :)
    I actually like when people comment - it makes me feel like I wrote a good chapter. When they don't... I go "????? Where is everybody?" You know, a feeling like everyone has forgotten. :)
    Have you been reading TC? It's getting more interesting... I only say this because you seem not to have read the last few chapters or so. :)
    You get access to the Shoutbox yet? Hopefully if my theory is true... a lot of people should have access. Either that, or I'm stupid.
    no anything is fine. im not a very picky person lol
    haha i dont particularly care, as long as he doesnt have pants.... well, you know what i mean. lol
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