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  • I wanted to name it Neo or snoopy but my sister and my mom disagreed, My dad liked Neo and snoopy too.I just agreed wiht my siter with Rex beacause I needed her to stop bugging me.
    hey! your ferret is so cute^^. if you could name what would its name be cuz in your sig it says that your sis named it.
    I like your LoZ album (my favorite picture is the two dueling Stalfos,) but I really like your boss pictures. Nice screenshots. I always liked the bosses in OoT. ^^
    hey Bluelink thanks I was just screwing aroung on the wiki then I came back and answered a question for you(how to make a new page), I siad I had 32 edits and then I got promoted(but I really had 50 edits)
    Congrats on the promotion, Bellum. Already said it in the Sb, but I thought id say ot here, too. That way its more lasting.
    Skullkid what the heck are you talking about cause my signatures are really small well that's what it looks like to me
    Please, stop being a moron and do what Oni tells you. he is a super mod and you don't wanna get him mad, do you?
    You have to own or be staff at a Zelda fansite. I am an administrator at hyrule.net.
    The awnser is No.
    Really think about it, an avatar is something original to a person.
    What originality would it have if somebody stole it and use it as his own sig/avatar/profile picture.

    Feel free to copy and paste to your pc or use it at an other site. But not here on ZD.
    well oni can I use it in my signature :puppy:

    o_O 60 characters okay who's messing around now with this cause I cant stand it anymore:mad:
    What do you want to achieve by putting people's avatars in your sig or somewhere else. A normal person first asks if he can copy and use my avatar at a other forum or something. Its Stealing!!!
    lol had to make it at least 50 characters because of the limit...? :P
    Four Swords is for GBA in the Link to the Past cartridge, but Four Swords Adventure is for the Gamecube! ^_^
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