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  • Please don't spam up my profile page. It isn't my fault you want to get banned because you're pissed at some other member.
    Awesome game WW!! Don´t you think so? I loved that game :) Sorry that I haven´t been able to be more active on the other site. I´ve been busy lately. Have a nice day! (Now birthday celebrations, not my own birthday though)
    Thanks. Good to meet you as well. You seem like a good person. =D
    I'm the co-producer of the Zelda Universe podcast and I moderate on North Castle--both which Mases seems to be very familiar with and eventually how we ended up chatting some, and that eventually led me here (:
    The shoutbox is an add on of the forum. It's not something that is separate from the forum. If somebody is expelled from school, they are also... kicked out of gym class, right? That's what this is like.
    I didn't 'ditch' you for no go reason. I decided to leave because I didn't want to be a part of the argueing, and I decided not to go there for some personal reasons.
    Hey bellum thanks for the warm welcome I shall enjoy myself
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