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  • The Captain's Hat? I'm pretty I know what you're talking about.. I like that mask as well because it's pretty funny for the boss in Ikana Castle. XD But of course the Bremen Mask is effective in that boss as well.
    Oh, so you'd like me to answer it here then?

    My favorite transformation would probably be the Zora as well. It just opens up an entirely new world, really. I love the Goron and Deku too though. :sweat:

    As for the normal masks... not sure. Love the speed the Bunny Hood affords, but I like the cute marching of the Bremen Mask or the awesome Kamaro Mask dance. As far as looks are concerned I prefer the Captain's Hat. But I'm not sure I could pick between these. >.<
    And I'm a bit curious; since some of my questions don't get answered, (I can understand why, don't worry) can I just ask you the questions here? If so, here's one of my questions; What's your favorite transformation mask in MM? (Other than Fierce Deity) Regular mask?

    If I had to choose a transformation mask, it would be the Zora mask. I think that the swimming makes for nice and fast transportation, and I think that the magic shield is just awesome. The fact that you can walk underwater and still use your attacks unlike in OoT is rather handy. The flying flipper things make up for the loss of a boomerang in the game as well. And for the regular masks, I'd have to say the Bunny Hood. It's a nice way to get around without wasting so much time. (That's especially handy considering the three-day time limit)
    Great video, by the way. I thought it was kind of cool that I knew you were going to say something about Death Sword. XD I also don't quite know what NPC means. I'm going to send you a question here in a couple minutes about Majora's Mask.
    I thought Gomess from Majora's Mask was pretty fun. I had to fight it a few times before I could beat it. I was not exactly the master of Zelda back then... XD
    Haha, glad to have someone agree. Seems at least in the video's comments, mine was not a popular opinion. :P I do not plenty of people agree with me though...

    Oh, yeah? He was a creepy one. My favorite mini-boss in the game was the Death Sword. I actually think that's my favorite mini-boss in any Zelda game. :xd:
    I'm sending you one in a couple minutes. Great job on the video about the Twilight Princess/Majora's Mask Debate. I always liked MM more than TP.
    Yeah, I've gotten some from that address. The one I just looked at was a decent question, so maybe sometime in the future. :)

    Okay, cool! We can always use some really interesting ones! :D
    I really just read through them and answer whichever ones catch my eye, and pick ones that tend to go together okay. I pass up questions that are about the site, or aren't about Zelda. I don't remember which ones were yours specifically (I don't with any of them really). I do save them all, so there's always a chance I could get to them later. ;)

    I hope that answers your questions. ^^
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