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  • Meh... (Meh in my definition, not the common definition.) Anyway, have you seen Rhyntav's videos?
    It's not like it's that bad. The first two episodes are pilots and are not as good as the rest of the episodes. Just give it a try.
    For my Super Smash Bros: The Untold Story ~ Sign Ups - It doesn't have to be a Nintendo character :yes:
    It all started those few glorious months ago.... *Flashback tune plays.*

    I needed a guide for the heart containers in LoZ. Zelda Wiki linked me here, so I checked commonly. I started looking at more things, I liked to view the artwork and the like of other games.

    One day I came across the forums. After an hour of reading through, I decided to join.

    Best decision EVAR!!!!!!
    Okay then... Rhyntav posted a new video yesterday... *shivers* On a subject on the complete end of the spectrum, how you watched My Little Pony yet?
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