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    Sandwich layers

    Usually, the meats go on the bottom and the toppings go on the top. Same for burgers. From the bottom up, my favorite sandwich is bottom bread, turkey, salami, tomato, lettuce, and sour cream and onion chips, then the top bread. It’s always in that order.
  2. Azure Sage

    Pain threshold

    I used to have a very high tolerance for pain as a kid, but since I grew up and stopped playing in the woods every day I think that tolerance has weakened. I haven’t been hurt bad enough to make me stop whatever I’m doing in a long time, at least. Usually will just get some ice or a bandaid and...
  3. Azure Sage

    What's something "childish" that you still do?

    I watch kids movies and sometimes cartoons. I don’t usually like movies and shows made for “adults”. I also play video games, which I am only saying because my parents think it’s childish. I almost always find stuff made for kids more enjoyable, depending on what it is.
  4. Azure Sage

    Do you wear glasses?

    Yeah. I’ve worn them since I was 6. I have severe astigmatism and lazy eye so I’ve got my share of eye problems. I used to hate wearing glasses and I used to take them off and hide them in my backpack on the way to school so my parents wouldn’t know I took them off, lol. Now I don’t care...
  5. Azure Sage

    How many times have you completed the Pokedex?

    Only once, in Sun. The fact that the Pokedex didn't cover all the Pokemon is the only reason I was able to complete it. I never fuss about doing that, though. I just wanna catch the ones I like mostly. It's also a lot more of a pain than collecting 900 korok seeds, which I happily did twice. :right:
  6. Azure Sage

    Animal Crossing Guest Characters

    Another fun idea would be the house leaders from FE3H. Think about it; Claude (deer), Dimitri (lion), and Edelgard (eagle) are all animals already represented in the series. We just need amiibo for the house leaders and we're set.
  7. Azure Sage

    Animal Crossing Guest Characters

    I'd really like to see the Champions as animals. That'd be great. I'd buy their amiibo just for that, lol. More guest characters will always be welcome, though. I really like the concept.
  8. Azure Sage

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    This is cool. I wanted a full on direct, but hey, I'll take this. Hopefully we get a full one in March or April, then. I want BotW 2 and RF5 news.
  9. Azure Sage

    Can you be a fan of a game you've never played?

    I think so, yes. You can be a fan of the ideas and the visuals. Even if you play it later and don't end up liking how it feels to play it, you can still like it for other reasons. For example, I enjoy the gameplay of Dragon's Dogma but I think the story is dumb as hell and the visuals are kind...
  10. Azure Sage

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's postgame grind is ridiculously annoying. With no dedicated quests for specific special monsters, and their appearance in the field is random, farming them is really frustrating and unreliable. GenU continues to be a better game overall. I've been trying for over...
  11. Azure Sage

    Shrine with too many skips

    Its not a memory thing. It does that on Switch too. Things like that, that aren't fixed in the environment, disappear if you get too far away. Saving and reloading is treated the same as going too far away. It's a result of that function.
  12. Azure Sage

    Dreams thread.

    I had a dream that I bought the FE3H expansion pass and then made Hilda a war cleric, but doing so gave her a British accent. She sounded like Mary Poppins. :suspicious:
  13. Azure Sage

    Awesome, cool stuff in games that just never gets old.

    Everything about BotW. The exploration, the scenery, the physics system, everything has been endlessly fun to play with.
  14. Azure Sage

    Games you never expected to be so difficult

    I bought EarthNight recently and I was expecting sort of a classic Sonic experience, but it was more of a rogue-like brutal platformer with no set progression through its world. It's incredibly hard for me to stay alive so I can barely get anything done. I haven't really touched it very much...
  15. Azure Sage

    Do you like your job?

    I am a substitute teacher, and although I am looking for a full-time job with my school district, I do like my job. I love working with kids. It's incredibly rewarding helping them grow and watching them learn. Also right now I get to choose my own hours so that's really nice. I really enjoy...
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