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  1. Azure Sage

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I got my reserved copy of Link’s Awakening and I got a cute poster to go with it as a preorder bonus. I didn’t know about that so I was pleasantly surprised. :)
  2. Azure Sage

    Wolf Link curiosity

    From what I understand, it's however many hearts you have left when you complete the trial entirely as Wolf Link. So if you want a lot of hearts in BotW you gotta be careful.
  3. Azure Sage

    Halloween 2018 Pumpkin Carving Competition - Voting Round

    Halloween events begin the first day of October. Look forward to it. :)
  4. Azure Sage

    How important should Story/Cutscenes be?

    I really enjoyed the story that BotW offered us, as well as the interesting way it was presented. However, BotW2's premise is different. We aren't waking up in a beautiful world full of intrigue and wonder to explore, we are delving into mysterious caverns to investigate something. There is...
  5. Azure Sage

    Ezlo's Art Gallery

    Nice work! The wind effect looks good. :)
  6. Azure Sage

    Well thank you. :) Welcome to the site!

    Well thank you. :) Welcome to the site!
  7. Azure Sage

    Less freedom

    Personally, I really don't like having to backtrack to get things I could have gotten if only I had a specific item. If I have to miss something, I prefer it to be because I missed it, not because I saw it and wasn't able to get it yet. That's what makes revisits fun for me. It's less fun if I...
  8. Azure Sage

    Less freedom

    Honestly, places locked behind items make me irritated. I loved that BotW allowed you to go anywhere if you were creative enough. We need more of that. Seeing a place where I know there's something cool or interesting yet I can't get there unless I have something that I don't is nowhere near as...
  9. Azure Sage

    What was your most recent purchase?

    I ordered a Golden Deer hoodie. Gotta rep my house.
  10. Azure Sage

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    This is such an underrated piece of music. It's literally my favorite in the entire game.
  11. Azure Sage

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I still can’t put down FE3H but I am managing to play some Astral Chain and Celeste DLC on the side.
  12. Azure Sage

    What Are You Doing Right Now?

    Watching anime while I wait for my Switch to recharge.
  13. Azure Sage

    What are your Zelda quirks?

    One example I can think of is in BotW, right before cutscenes I will change my euipment and outfit to what I want displayed in the cutscene. Like, on Death Mountain I will allow Link to burn for a few moments in the heat in order to wear the Champion's Tunic for the Vah Rudania cutscenes.
  14. Azure Sage

    Your Worst Puzzles

    Are there types of puzzles in games that are your worst enemy? Types of puzzles that are always really hard for you? For me, traffic jam puzzles are the worst, like the picture in Link's Cabana in WW. I am notoriously bad at them. Sky Keep is also really hard for me because its map is a...
  15. Azure Sage

    What makes a great dungeon?

    Dungeons that have a nice progression through them. This means minimal backtracking (I'm glaring at you, almost every dungeon in TP) and fun ways to progress. I think BotW did a good job with dungeon progression. You can feel your progress building up as the music intensifies, even though you...
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