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Azure Sage
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  • Hello there, fellow Sage. I'm glad I joined these forums. I used to always come on here, but never joined till now. Good to see I'm already making friends.
    Done. Though in the future, you should just report the thread using the little report button in the lower right of the post and ask that it be closed through that. Any mod can close it, not just me, and therefore whichever mod is online can catch it first. ;)
    He's busy, and when he actually has free time, I have to go to work. I already took too many sick day's so yeah. :(

    Its okay, I've been out of it in the last couple day's so you're good. :)
    Hey how're you? :3
    If you've been checking my art thread, then you'll know. ;D And no, I don't believe in Valentines day, but, yes, my boyfriend is my Valentine.
    Yeah well if you get one my Skype name is darkmaster919199 and most of the people on ZD are also on Skype..............
    Hi nice to meat you. Will you be my friend please I love rare Zelda games but people just say Rare Selda's. Will you be by friend please...........?
    Ah, the hearts are actually not tied to post count at all. On a lot of other forums, pips (that's the term for little icons like that; they're usually little bars not hearts) represent post count, but here they only represent Reputation. The Reputation System is explained here. ;)
    Strawberry..... oh! My fruit comic's. =]

    I want to believe I can't draw, but it's impossible. Your shading is far more better than mine.
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