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Azure Sage
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  • Hey Azure Sage! I've cleaned my PM folder!:) Sorry for the inconvience.
    Sorry, but I must request that your message on A_LINK_IN_TIME's page be Derezzed......yeah, you know the one I'm talking about. That can really offend someone, even if it’s hidden by a spoiler tag, so Derezz your VM and PM it to him if it’s really that big a deal. Vain’s judgment has been carried out, no ifs ands or buts, End of Line.
    After m begging I finally convinced my parents to buy me ALTTP off the virtual console and so far I love everything about the game!
    Nothing's ever good enough for me! That's why they use to call me Greed, you bastard! But... I suppose this will do... Yeah, I guess it's not bad. ;)

    Haha in all seriousness, thanks a lot man. It's so much more epic than I anticipated! :P
    Cool :yes: So anyway, I'm likely gonna call it a night and log off for now. This is Vain signing out.....peace ^^
    Well, that was pretty self explanatory really :bleh: Tron fell from a high altitude into the Sea some time during 2010 and just come out now.....it’s 2012 o_O
    Yeah, at the end of Legacy he fell into the Sea of Simulation and his status was unknown......until now that is :yes:
    You didn't finish spelling die. I guess that means you are dead. Most people would have assumed that was a spelling error and went on with their lives, but I am smarter than that. I can recognize a subtle joke, this much is fact. Farewell Azure Sage.
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