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Axle the Beast
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  • Chrome, haven't used any of them. However, I tried to connect with mibbit once. I was banned on there and then I couldn't get back on. Also, nice mailbag as always.
    anyway how are you today?

    me I just got up
    How can you miss them? Returning to areas to unlock previously unaccessable portions, save points, and dowsing (Prime Series). All three of those are in Metroid. I thought for sure you'd recognize those with Metroid being your second-favorite game series.
    I've been doing great to be honestl,although school is a pain in the butt,but it's all going good I guess.How've you been holding up lately?
    The Sonic Adventure series have a lot of sentimental value to me, especially the level "City Escape" from SAB2. Playing that in Sonic Generations really sent a shiver down my spine. And what exactly is your avatar right now?

    StarFox 64 and Super Metroid are favorites of mine.

    Oh, and the original Kingdom Hearts game holds some sentimental value, too.
    Vain is glad, that you're glad, that Vain likes them......wait, what? Well, main point, Vain iz a Happy God as long as his allies iz Happy Users.....actually, have I even befriended you yet :?
    I must say, your collection of random Mases images are quite the spectacle :right: Lord Vain is most amused.......+ 500 Rupees for you, go buy a bunch of Coco Puffs ^^
    Thanks Axle, but like you, I'm also at a loss for why I couldn't find my first post of the subject.
    It's definitely one of my favorites. I grew up playing that game, and did it again for old-time's sake. It's really good, except for the ending gets a little "power of friendship!" if you know what I mean.
    from what I can garther FSA should be after Lttp and before LoZ

    just there to much agains't FSA going after TP.
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