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Axle the Beast
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  • Lul. :P No sweat, game's almost over, so that's good. Like your new avy too. :yes:

    omg wot wot wot
    March 1st, 2013. The day Axle finally responded to Beginner's Mafia without me having to remind him. :O

    Hey Axle. I was thinking that I'd like to try modding a mafia game. I know you organize numbered and beginner, so if there is ever an opening that you think I'd be able to handle, could you please let me know?
    Your avatar is....


    btw, i will forever remind you to check on beginner's mafia
    how are we doin on those pm's
    huh huh
    Spambot here:
    View Profile: SheenaYates - Dungeon Gaming Network
    Just thought I'd let ya know :)
    You prolly get a bajillion of these vms by now...

    But yeah, Flight of the Conchords are amazing, and that's one of my favorite lines by them. My thought: why not gif it?
    Hey, Axle. Sorry if I've been a d-bag to you the past few months. I really don't have anything against you personally, I just went through that trollish phase. So my bad for being a troll to you any time from the beginning of fall till now. I remember when I used to practically worship your mailbag videos a few years ago, and I still think you're a cool individual.

    Anyway, I was talking to Raj/Viral Maze earlier about possibly modding Mafia XV. I was told to talk to you about it. I believe Raj was set to mod XV, so would it be alright if I replaced him and he co-modded, or we both co-modded equally?
    My comp is breaking, so if I go inactive (which I most likely will), could you replace me in mafia?

    I'll try to stay on as long as possible, but I just wanted to make sure I informed you ahead of time.
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