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    If You Were Black for a Day

    I'd try dancing. Jumping too.
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    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

    where's ness at
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    What is Your Japanese Name?

    ルルーシュ・ヴィ・ブリタニア Lelouch vi Britannia
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    Who Should Be ZD's Admin?

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    Raspberry Pi

    I've always thought of doing something creative with the Pi but I could never think of anything good enough.
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    All Newtwo Speculations and News

    I hate everything about it. If it turns out to be one of them forme things as opposed to part of the evolutionary line, I will somehow hate it even more.
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    Just a Little Tech Humor

    Figured this thread was appropriate enough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7FYR72mr0E They showed this at a training session today.
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    That's not so much the point. The fact that they'll witness the mother of all counter attacks won't undo the damage, but it will likely prevent them from acting in the first place. Why would you strike first if you know there's no way out? I wouldn't dismiss this as nothing, but I highly doubt...
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    So... How's the Weather?

    Aw man it's so nice and warm out. I was even feeling a little humid just wearing an unzipped hoody, it was so great. I'd guess it's nearing 60 degrees outside.
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    Mafia F: [email protected]

    The game is stalling. I vote that we kill one either Pendio or GWAF. If whomever we kill is innocent, I'll investigate the other during the night period. Anyone up for this plan?
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    Tech Help Bluetooth Dongle...

    Yeah I think a PCi card is overkill for something as minor as Bluetooth. Forget about using up a USB slot, I think using up a PCi slot is a much worse alternative. I use a dongle for Bluetooth and it works just fine. Here's mine
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    I've only played GTA IV, but I loved that game. I'm looking forward to GTA V, everything I've heard about it so far seems promising. I only ask for a PC version, and one that isn't horribly crippled by DRM this time. GTA IV with its Windows Live ******** is almost not worth it.
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    Pronunciation Thread

    This is a fun thread I saw on another forum. Basically, you pronounce different words in English and compare your accent to other community members. It can be really interesting to see how people from different areas of the country and the globe pronounce words differently. If English is not...
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    Tech Help How to Make My Xbox 360 Shut the (expletive) Up?

    Launch models are horrendously loud, I can attest to that. You could try dusting it out too but I suspect that it won't help too much.
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