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    How is it going, Lilith2?

    How is it going, Lilith2?
  2. athenian200

    Transgenderism: Mental illness?

    I would agree that it is, in fact, a mental illness. I mean, biologically speaking, there is no way to turn a man into a woman or vice-versa. We're humans, mammals, not amphibians. Even if some people have minds that work more like that of the opposite gender and aren't happy with being their...
  3. athenian200

    How Should Bashar al-Assad Be Dealt With?

    Well, I'm honestly very confused right now. It appears the Democrats want us to bring down Assad? But they're usually against military spending and military action. That strikes me as somewhat suspicious. I personally think the Democrats are trying to trick us. They know that we're pro-military...
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    Mark Zuckerberg Congressional Hearing

    Facebook has never been thought of as a platform that put privacy first. Everyone I know that uses Facebook uses something else when they want more security, and often we just assume that we might be monitored. I use Facebook knowing that their business model involves selling my information to...
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    How Should Bashar al-Assad Be Dealt With?

    A lot of people would consider me hawkish due to my belief in using the military as a strategic deterrent and going in to protect our interests where necessary. However, I just don't see an advantage to be gained from attacking Assad at this point. ISIS is far more of a threat, and while Assad...
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    Do you Hold Zelda Grudges?

    I do dread having to get that heart piece with the Skull Kids in the Lost Woods. It's just one note over the maximum number humans can retain, so I always mess up on the last note.
  7. athenian200

    It's hard to tell the difference sometimes.

    It's hard to tell the difference sometimes.
  8. athenian200

    Do you hold the door open for the people behind you?

    I usually do this in public places like schools or grocery stores that don't have automatic sliding doors, especially if I'm not in a hurry. It seems like a nice thing to do, rather than just let it slam in their face. I do this if I see the person coming up behind me and judge that they'll be...
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    Describe your Sense of Humor

    People say I'm very punny, I can be very sarcastic at times, and I also like double-entendres.
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    Book Number 1: Suggestions

    Okay then, I think we've all settled on 1984. Would that be a safe assumption? It looks like 3 people haven't read it, and the two of us that have are willing to re-read it. So overall, that's 5 people that have shown an interest.
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    Book Number 1: Suggestions

    I've read 1984 already. It's one of my favorite books, and I quote it all the time... although I could easily read it again and write a review.
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    Ancient Tree Stump in BotW (A possible hint at Kokiris?)

    I'm not sure the geography of Hyrule is consistent enough to attempt to use anything as a reference point. But I do believe the Ancient Tree Stump is likely where the Great Deku Tree once lived. I think it could very well be in the exact same place, but perhaps the woods themselves moved away...
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    Game Categories

    Best Story: I would go with Wind Waker here. It builds on the story of Ocarina of Time, and has one of the more unusual/unique stories in the Zelda series. It seems like one of the more story-rich Zelda games. The runners-up in my book would be Majora's Mask (if you do all the sidequests), and...
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    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

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