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  • I'm pretty good too. I recently read the book On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers and it was a really good pirate/fantasy book, very well written. That was actually the book that inspired the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, but it wasn't much like the film at all really. It took place in the same period of history and the characters visited about the same places but the plots were actually totally different. If you haven't read the book I can highly recommend it. :nod:
    You only need one post every 24 hours to see the Shoutbox. :lol:

    I've been doing pretty well. Thoughts on the election?
    That's what I thought, but thank's anyway! :D I haven't actually started it yet (there are so many other things that need be done, and to 100% The Wind Waker seems like one of those things that take time (especially with the figurines) therefore I've postponed it). But I will do it, trust me. Anyway, how do you do?
    Okay, thank you! But that Tingle's quest can be done after Ganon's Tower, can't it?
    No problem, matie! By the way, in The Wind Waker, are there any other sidequests, except for a couple of the Figurines and perhaps some dungeon treasure chests, that can only be done on a certain point in the game?
    Happy birthday Bigred! :D I hope you'll have a grand day! :triforce: And I hope you'll get on the forums soon! ;)
    'Hoy there Bigred! :D It's been a long time since our last conversation. How do you do? I haven't come around to 100%ing WW yet, but I'm still going to.

    So, I was wondering, are there any other quests, appart from a couple of the Figurines, that can only be done on a certain point in the game? :?
    My religious views aside, seem you're leaving but will nevertheless make a great addition to my friend roster. Please consider the offer. ;)
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