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  • Yeah I know that show I watched it when I was young. People call me GG for green goron but I'm not green or a goron. In real life they just call me johnny.
    Haha, that's absolutely fine. I wasn't really expecting one, I just like hearing different perspectives, whether people are up for discussions or not.

    If you're interested in exploring anarcho-capitalism (that's the specific type of anarchism I've familiarized myself with) or minarchism, I could give you some links in the future. If not, though, no harm done. Your name just caught my attention. It's kind of cool when people are forward with their views.

    Take care!
    Ah, okay.

    I'm not anarchist myself, either--I'm minarchist. But the older I get, the less fond I become of government. Anarchism is dismissed offhand by a lot of people, but I always like having discussions with anarchists because they tend to have valid, logical justifications for their views, which I appreciate.

    Out of curiosity, what changed your views? Sorry if that's too personal.
    Are you really an anarchist?

    I ask because I've been studying anarchism for awhile.
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