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    BotW - Are the "Seven Heroines" Sages?

    I just went into the Yiga Clan hideout and translated what is on the walls and swords of the eight statues. On the walls, it says the following: GERUDO THERE IS NO STRIFE GERUDO LIKE WATER WE FLOW WITH LIFE On the swords of the statues, it says the following: GERUDO AN UNBLEMISHED DESERT...
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    BotW - Are the "Seven Heroines" Sages?

    That's very true! Another possibility to consider. Great eye!
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    BotW - Are the "Seven Heroines" Sages?

    The sages also had to be rescued by Link, but they were invaluable in the fight against Ganon and sealing him away. Same with the Shrine Maidens keeping the power of Vaati at bay. Just because someone needs to be rescued doesn't mean they can't also be a guardian. Link has needed rescuing at...
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    BotW - Are the "Seven Heroines" Sages?

    I forgot about that. Thank you for the reminder! It was pretty late when I posted.
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    BotW - Are the "Seven Heroines" Sages?

    Thanks to the existence of the Gerudo script, I've been going around Gerudo Town and throughout the desert translating what I can find. One thing that caught my attention was the writing on the statues of the Seven Heroines. All along the hem and trim of the "robes" of the Heroines is Gerudo...
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    What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    I'm going around collecting Korok seeds and killing giant monsters to get Kilton's medals.
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    Is bullying really that bad?

    Bullying is never okay, but I don't think it will ever fully be eradicated. I think it's been exacerbated in the past decade because of social media and cyberbullying. I'm glad social media wasn't a thing growing up when I was being bullied. I had false rumors spread about me, I was hit, I was...
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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