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  • Woah, wut? Btw, do you have Skype? I just got it, if so I would like to talk to you. ^^
    Probably not, they won't be a 12, they'll be more likely 15 or 18 age certificates, so no. Have you seen them?
    I thought the ending was mainly good, with Ryuk and Near (PS, I am now Near :P) but I suppose Light/Kira himself could have died in a better way, really. But L should not have died for real. D:
    Ark! I finished Death Note in just under 2 days! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. The ending. *interwebz hug* :kawaii: I loved that so much. My mum started watching it with me, she wanted to know whether it was suitable. XD
    No no! I have my own cake. *Pushes double shortcake back* Did you think I was that evil? :O Oh and go on the sb because I only have my phone as of about 3 seconds.
    Haha, that is something we share. I eat so much cake and sugar and I still stay mega skinny. It's useful, I suppose. But I get tired of people saying that they feel like they'll break me if they hug me. -_- And may I join in with the cake noming?
    What would I do without you, Voodle? :P You seriously do remind me of L though. The cakes,the personality. And oh, I got you some shortcake. ^^
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