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    Pokemon Black and White Version 2 Teaser Trailer Released

    I think they showed too much gameplay in that video, you should edit the post with a Spoiler tag above it. The games are gonna be just like Platinum, Emerald, Crystal. Worth playing, not worth buying.
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    What Would You Have Named Link's Bird?

    Ladenio/a, cause the feel of it. It's almost that kind of impression I get when I look at 'him?'. At least I think it sounds... royal. Or at least, similiar... Still just my opinion. :rolleyes:
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    What Do You Like the Most About Skyward Sword?

    The Story, as well as the graphics. Especially the graphics since they remind me so much of the Wind Waker. Though, I do not like the Motion Controls. They're too bugged, it feels like Nintendo rushed the game... They should have been waiting with releasing it till January for better Motion...
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    Gorons Vs. Zoras.

    I like them both, but if I have to choose I'd probably choose Zora's. Always was a fan of them, ever since Ocarina of Time. Though, I prefer the Gorons in Twilight Princess. You should add which kind of Zora and Goron. (As, OoT-Goron/Zora, WW-Goron/Zora, TP-Goron/Zora) As you may prefer the...
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    Is the Sky That Empty?

    Even though I'm just in the beginning of the game, the sky does seem quite empty. Exploring it all would probably only 1 hour or so. Though, on the bright side, we have a great number of sidequests (I think at least :| ), like: Lol.
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    How Helpful Was Fi

    She gives you useful advice, unlike Navi or... Well, Tatl..? Though, she also comes with 'advice' you don't need, nor want. Which makes her; 'Kind of useful'.
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    Track List on 25th Aniversary CD

    Thank you! My CD is all messed up, titels wrong everywhere. (5-8 even showing up as blank, lol.)
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    Minor Control Problems

    The controls are messed up, looks to me like they released it before it was completely done. Been having some annoying errors myself, I've even gotten a few Game Over's because of it. Though, nothing a little luck won't help you with. ;)
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    Gold Nunchuck

    Kind of jelly about both the Golden Wiimote and the Nunchuck. Though, I'll settle for my new Pink Wiimote I just bought. <3 (The Motion Plus accesory was out of stock all over town... Had to get a brand new Wiimote. :c) Seeing how you painted yours Gold, I might have to paint mine Pink. :p
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    Spoiler Zelda's Dad...?

    Nothing wrong with an originally japanese game sounding japanese. Gaepora is probably a common hylian/'skychild' name. Either that, or Kaepora Gaepora is named after this old man. The game has a cute story, yet original while comparing with the other Zelda games. Not exactly the same, though...
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    Zelda Art CM's Zelda Art Thread

    Aww, he looks so happy. :3 Makes you wanna pet him, doesn't it? <3 Though, not so sure he's happy in a 'good' way. Just browsed through your whole thread, some of these are amazing. I especially loved the final fight from OoT. If you still have the .psd I think you should release .png's of the...
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    Best Music in the Series?

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword do have an amazing soundtrack, though, nothing will ever compare to The Wind Waker's soundtrack. I prefer Oracle of Seasons/Ages before Skyward Sword, and Ocarina of Time is in my opinion better than Skyward Sword's sountrack. Spirit Tracks also comes before...
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    If You Were a Pokemon What Would It Be?

    I would be a Pokémon trainer. :| You know, that rare kind of Pokémon who squeeze other Pokémon inside little balls.
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    Anubis Gallery

    I haven't posted anything for quite some time now, it's cause I have this odd habit of going inactive a lot. :v So, for you who still remember me, here are some old pics I found that I probably haven't posted before. (Loving the Limited Edition SS CD. XD) Some are pretty recent, but still...
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    Sabel27's GIMP Creations

    Holy moly, you got talent! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! :)
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