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  • Uh-oh, that sounds familiar. What's the name of the "anti-virus" software you downloaded? You have to be careful about those, as a lot of those going around the internet now are actually viruses themselves masquerading as virus software that latch onto your computer, claiming they "detect a virus." Tell me the name, I might be able to help. I've actually helped two of my friends out of something like this before.
    Sorry for the late response! Thanks for giving me that insight, it really helped since I have really no clue how other people see it.
    As to how I animated it, I WISH I had the original video, then I could have extracted the sequence of images I wanted. Instead I was stuck on youtube doing THIS for an hour: SCREENSHOT > SCREENSHOT > SCREENSHOT, REWIND < REWIND < REWIND, SCREENSHOT > SCREENSHOT > SCREENSHOT, and so on. Yeah...I can be obsessive when I really want to do something xD

    Thanks~ :3 I do have Skype though I'm probably not on it very often. I can give it to you, but I'm going to admit that I'm actually usually pretty shy about giving it out~ :P:silent:

    As for tinypic, nope! That was actually the 3rd image hoster I tried. :P Here's the story: Originally I had uploaded my signature there minus any problem! It loaded and everything. But then when directly after that, I tried to upload a couple of other versions of the sig that I'd made, it wouldn't take any of them, not even the one I had just successfully uploaded! It kept saying that it wouldn't take the file format...it seemed as though to me that my first one had fluked and slipped in. I figured that was fine and linked the image into my signature....until the following morning when I checked on it, I'd found that tinypic had somehow chopped the animation to cut out after about the first 10 frames! Ugh. So much for that! So tinypic totally failed me, like the many others I had to resort to try. :nod:
    Thanks! ^^ I've been trying to keep up and give everyone who's Birthday it is on here a personalized card. As for fonts, unfortunately I can't remember what the first one was, (I didn't keep the .psd file) but the second one is Lucida Blackletter and the third one is Legault Std. ^^

    Though the font I used for mandy's B-day card yesterday was I think one particularly unique/woah/is-that-an-actual-font-worthy~ xD (Oh and I suppose one more strange font~ I'll have to look up the names for those for you. :))

    Okay, I need some insight on something. My signature, I just updated it into an animation: does it run smoothly? I'm using firefox and for me, it got very stuck as it played the first time through, but once it looped after that first playthrough, it plays very clearly for me now. I have no idea how it's showing up for other poeple, or if it loads differently on other web browsers and stuff, but I am a bit concerned because it's almost 50 frames and a pretty large file (it took forever to find an imagehoster that would host that size for free, as well as allow an animated gif....! >_<) but I want it to load for people correctly. For you, after it loops once (it might take some time) does it run smoothly?

    ::EDIT:: actually that image hoster flaked on me like all the others I've tried so far, so you'll have to wait for me to scour the internet more for one that will actually WORK (though I've tried so many so far that I'm starting to doubt whether there's even ONE that will work. -.-)

    ::EDIT AGAIN: I *Think* I found one! You should be able to see it now~ ^^
    Thank you so much! You're like, literally the second person to tell me that today, haha. :D
    I am Lv.30 right now, (slow lvl-ing) yep, now i play in ch 3 XD
    Others include Josh and Kybyrian. No, they act that way to a lot of people. They act as if they rule the freaking place, and can just drive anyone they dislike away. It's everywhere to be quite honest.

    And no, the issue is way too old, and nobody would step up anyway. They just let it....happen.
    Aye!, it's good to see you again Anubis dude, yep i play on Kaye server ch.2
    My character name's > HailLeonar1
    Yes, but the rest of the signature depends on his placement. I can redo it, but it might take a while. So if you don't mind waiting a little bit longer, I can meet your needs.
    I have actually already started on your signature. :sweat: It might be a bit hard to change Vash's placement. Hmmm.....I guess I could try though. I will tell you if it doesn't work out!
    Nope. You aren't. I was staff, but our staff is full of jerks who are mean to the people they hate, and they've made several people, including me, leave. It's the reason why new content has been so slow lately. The hard-working people leave because the idiots only care about themselves and not the site. Now the staff is full of inexperienced people that can't even do a job like grammar correcting right. And guess what, the white trash jerks all get away with it.
    Hello, Anubis! I have one question about your signature request. You say,

    "A burning heart, too big for the size."

    Could you tell me what exactly what you mean by that?
    Damn, always the same mistake. It is because "Finnland" with another "N" is the german word for Finland.

    Denmark is not so far away. Tiping in the word "Grenen" at Google picture viewer, so beautiful. I have to get out here for a time. Well, I'm a city boy, and after 24 years of living here I'm annoyed by the city. I need a vacation.
    And sure, I already accept your friend request.
    Believe me, when you come from Germany, every place in Europe is awesome (including a few exceptions). And according to Stieg Larssons Millenium series (Män som hatar kvinnor), Sweden do have some very beautiful places. I'm very fascinated by the nordic lands like Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finnland.

    Anyways. I'm looking forward to your Walkthrough. And please remember the tips from the other users in your Thread.
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