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  • Sir Anubis. i would prefer if you were to ask a question after you read all you need to know so that I know you read it.
    Because Stormy isn't online at the moment, i will answer your question.
    This is not a Legend of Zelda RP.
    It takes place in the land of Tovre, or Torva. Read the discussion titled "All you need to know". Most of the information, history, and geography is there. If not, you can ask him. Also, the characters are very much mature. Be sure that before you start posting, you read up on what has happened at this point. (Part One: The Man in the Mountains, and part two: Chaseil and the Pirates/Nothis and the women.) We don't want you to be totally clueless.
    I'll make sure Storm sends you an invite when he gets on. :)
    I was trying to join the Photoshop and GIMP group but it wouldn't let me...do i need an invite?
    Hey there, Anubis! I have a quick question. Do you think that I could join your "Photoshop and GIMP club?"
    Hey there, Anubis! I FINALLY finished your request! Swing by my thread to get it! ^^ Tell me if you want anything changed!
    Cool! I'm still at the second dungeon (Dodongo Cave), though. But I'll also stick with Fallout: New Vegas for a while.
    I am so sorry that I have not been able to get to your signature request yet, Anubis. I have been extremely busy lately, plus I have just recently gotten a new laptop and I had to tranfer a lot over from my old laptop. I am still planning on making your sig, but it may take me a while. If you would still like me to make your signature, I would be happy to do so, but if you don't, I understand.
    Hm, well... A few people on the staff are a little rougher in attitude than others, and I'll admit some of them are to a degree I don't exactly approve of, but I would also say that I consider pretty much the entire staff friends and each one of them I've had good times with and they do good work on the site, so I don't intend to criticize them much for it. But yeah, some are hard to get along with I guess.

    I'm usually on, just set to invisible or something. Just message me if you want to talk to me and I might reply. :P

    :lol: OMGoodness, my fault! I did get your picture. I was just looking around for people who wanted to join the contest but I forgot to check to see if you had already done so. XD. Again, my fault. Thanks for the entry!
    Sup Anubis, Random Person here. In the last Random Drawing Contest you said that you may enter. Just wanted to let you know that you have less than two days if you're still planning on doing so. The more art I get for these contests, the better.
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