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  1. AlucardDhampir66

    Where is Ghirahim???

    He could also be Ganon’s Trident
  2. AlucardDhampir66

    If the Tetraforce Exists, who has the 4th piece?

    It would be the Tetraforce of Magic
  3. AlucardDhampir66

    Where did the cats go?

    SS: Remlits MC and the FS games: Cats OoT: Baby Tiger Downfall Timeline: Syger Lynel and Cats Child: TP cats Adult: Toon Link is kitten BotW: Lynel
  4. AlucardDhampir66

    If the Tetraforce Exists, who has the 4th piece?

    This guy -> :ghirahim: :ghirahim: :ghirahim: :ghirahim:
  5. AlucardDhampir66

    Tower of the Gods is APERTURE SCIENCE!

    Nice pfp where did that Chozo get the TriForce from?
  6. AlucardDhampir66

    Is Death Sword Phantom Ganon?

    I believe he could be the ghost of Ghirahim
  7. AlucardDhampir66

    Termina = Volcano

    I think this makes sense but I have a theory about the second day as well: since Guru-guru talks to you on the night of the first day, he plays the Song of Storms and makes it rain on the second day. It isn’t very good, but it’s another weather-based theory so I figured I should mention it.
  8. AlucardDhampir66

    My Zelda Timeline Theory

    This timeline would have been better in 2011 honestly but IDC. These are more my favorite games on a timeline.
  9. AlucardDhampir66

    Are Super Mario and LoZ in the same universe?

    I watch Dr. Wily too ;). Basically, I think the original Mario games take place before OoT. Miyamoto said that SMB3 was a stage play, and what’s stopping it from being a Hylian stage play that was popular before the civil war? I think the ghosts Sharp and Flat may be the deceased actors for...
  10. AlucardDhampir66

    My Zelda Timeline Theory

    I mostly just did the games I’ve beaten although I didn’t put ALBW on because it was a remake of ALttP and broke the flow of ALttP -> LoZ. Spirit Tracks messes up the timeline because of New Hyrule, and all the original theories about the flood receding after PH. As for AoL, Nintendo said one...
  11. AlucardDhampir66

    My Zelda Timeline Theory

    So I have to say, I’m not a big fan of Hyrule Historia’s Timeline. So I made my own ;) ! The timeline starts of with Skyward, then Ocarina, then it splits. In the adult timeline, it goes Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, Oracle of Seasons. In the child timeline, it goes Majora’s Mask, Twilight...
  12. AlucardDhampir66

    Link = Doom Guy?

    I think that Link is actually that elf from Rudolf, Hermy after seeing the LA trailer. Maybe it takes place before he wanted to become a dentist XD
  13. AlucardDhampir66

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Wind outside. It’s nature’s music.
  14. AlucardDhampir66

    Are the 6 sages dead in Ocarina of Time?

    I don’t believe in multiple timelines per say. I think they only had to be sages until time resets and goes back into the child era.
  15. AlucardDhampir66

    Zelda Theory: Is The Master Sword in LoZ 1?

    It would make sense for the Magic Sword to be the Master Sword.
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