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All Might
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  • 悲しみは、それは死ぬ私と一緒に、私と一緒にそれが生まれた、私の血を分けた兄弟です。
    ʕõ¤õ) ᵒ.Ƹϴ.ϴƷ.ᵒ (õ¤õʔ
    Thank you for the happy birthday :D
    Yeah, just put the "Message Derezzed.....End of Line" thing I use or something :nod: Also, I know enough to assume all that's from your story :right: In my Tron Story, Vain is a much worse character though, being a Viral Antagonist who was given an extremely horrible mission and all :awkward:
    I certainly hope that was a sarcastic statement you left of Lord Death's page.....because he was Greed, then opted to request a name change to Lord Death….but then out of confusion his name somehow changed back, so he contacted someone about it and is now back on track :yes: Heck, he even made a Blog about his sadness of it changing back to Greed so >.> Just making sure you weren’t serious…..for I am Vain, Digital God of Peace :silent:
    Just thought I'd tell you this.

    I was drawn to the thread named "God", and looking around, I was really sad that there was more people who didn't believe then who did. And then I saw your post. It really made my day. Thank you.
    Uh, ok.....well too bad, you get 20 more instead bwahahahah :devil: So yeah, keep up the good work and everything :yes:
    Thareous, how many Gratitude Crystals have you collected so far....I need to determine how many bonus ones to give you :yes:
    As long as it's not utter spam, you're good. :)

    And don't worry about it. I'm pretty alright where I am, thank you for you concern.
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