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Agent Spaghetti
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  • Let me make this very clear to you.

    If you lack the time or patience to write a respectful, considerate response, then I lack the time and the patience for you.

    Any further correspondence from you will be ignored.
    I don't want to make a circus out of the Least Favorite President thread, so I'm just going to leave this here for you.

    Your response to my post couldn't have been more ignorant or condescending. You do not seem to have understood much of what I was saying, and your implication that my idea is wrong and historically nonfactual is simply ignorant and stupid. There are many angles from which to regard history, not just your own limited viewpoint. Many historians believe the same as I do about Lincoln and there is historical evidence to support such beliefs. And you are an arrogant fool to tell me to "look up some actual history" without first considering that maybe I have already done so.

    But I understand exactly what happened. I posited a belief that differs from your own and it struck a nerve with you and offended you so you responded with arrogance and emotion instead of tact or reason.

    I bid you to take much more care in how you address members of this forum in the future, and when you do I would hope that you do so with consideration and respect instead of the rudeness and arrogance you displayed in your response to me.
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